Rayver Cruz Family: Is He Related To Tirso Cruz? Relationship & Wiki

Is Rayver Cruz related to Tirso Cruz? Rayver and Tirso share a surname and are both successful actors in the Filipino film business. Find out whether the two actors are related. Rayver Cruz is a well-known figure in the Philippine entertainment business. With a career spanning three decades, the talented performer has made a name for himself as an actor, singer, dancer, and presenter.

The young actor is well-known for his roles in television shows and films such as The Clash, Saturday Night Chills, Spirits, A Mother’s Story, and others. Tirso Cruz, a prominent actor, comedian, and singer, is the current head of the Philippine Film Development Council. The dynamic actor, known as a “matinee idol,” has received a FAMAS Award and a Gawad Urian Award. But, other than their surnames, do the two performers have any familial ties?

Yes. Rayver Cruz’s maternal uncle is Tirso Cruz. Tirso Cruz’s sister is Rayver’s mother, Beth Cruz. Beth and Tirso Cruz are members of the Cruz family, a Filipino entertainment dynasty. Rayver’s mother married Rodolfo L. Ilustre and had three children: Rayver, Rodjun, and Omar. Many people are unaware that the 34-year-old actor’s true name is Raymond Oliver Cruz Ilustre, and his screen name is Rayver Cruz. Tirso Cruz is close to the Saturday Night Chills star and his brothers, Rodjun and Omar.

Tirso Cruz

Rodjun Cruz, Rayver Cruz’s older brother, just posted a short TikTok dance cover on Instagram. In the rare video, Rodjun, Rayver, and Tirso Cruz demonstrated their exquisite dancing routines to the music of “Every Breathe You Take.” “It’s time to dance with Tito Tirso Cruz.” We adore you!’ Rodjun wrote in the caption. “Idol,” Rayver wrote under the video. Many more well-known celebrities couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on the post. Sunshine Cruz of “Unbreak My Heart” added three heart emojis to the post. Sunshine Cruz, a member of the Cruz Family, is Tirso Cruz’s niece and Rodjun and Rayver’s cousin.

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Tirso Cruz’s Family History

Tirso Cruz is the third child of Tirso Bailey Cruz Jr. and Elma Acosta Silvano. His paternal grandparents are Tirso Muoz Cruz Sr. and Mara Loreto Lagrosa Bailey, while his maternal grandparents are Tomas Silvano and Petra Acosta. Loreto’s father, Lewis Edwin Bailey, was a French-Canadian immigrant from Stowe, Vermont, who served in the military. As a result, he is of French-Canadian descent. Tirso’s siblings are Beth and Danny Cruz.

Rayver Cruz’s Family History

Rayver Cruz was born on July 20, 1989, to Beth Cruz and Rodolfo L. Ilustre. Unfortunately, the actor’s father died of renal disease in 2009. Rodjun Cruz and Omar Cruz-Ilustre are his two brothers. Rodjun, like Rayver, is a skilled actor and dancer. He was a member of the now-defunct all-male dance ensemble Anim-E.

Rayver Cruz

The Cruz brothers, Rodjun and Rayver, co-hosted the children’s magazine program 5 And Up. Rayver and Rodjun were born 15 months apart. The Clash frontman’s older brother is a married guy with a kid. Furthermore, the Cruz sibling is of Spanish descent. To summarize, Tirso Cruz and Rayver Cruz are both members of the Cruz family and have a strong relationship as uncle and nephew.

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