Ranking Every KUWTK Meme & Which Episode It Came From

With the recent news, Keeping up with the Kardashians Fans are mourning the epic reality series as it draws to a close. Since the series premiered in October 2007, viewers have had an insight into the lifestyle of a wealthy and high-status family, and every episode is almost too good to be true. .

Keeping up with the Kardashians It was a guilty pleasure for many, and now that season 19 will be the last, it’s time to find some other dramatic reality shows. Meanwhile, fans have been creating a ton of hilarious memes based on some of the most iconic works Kuwait time.

Kourtney’s ABCDEFG: Season 10, Episode 9

in season 10 keep up with the kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian said this and someone asked what she was talking about. She said, “It’s just a phrase I like to use to indicate the end of the conversation. Never heard that phrase? G [means] Goodbye. “

She used the phrase after Scott hired Kourtney to do some interior design and things didn’t work out, and of course, it became a meme. No one was sure what that meant (and no one is sure now either).

Hidden Needle in the Bush: Season 10, Episode 8

Kim Kardashian hides in the bushes to keep in touch with the Kardashians

Why is Kim Kardashian hiding in the bushes? Because her daughter North West starred in the music video for Kanye West’s song “Only One”.

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This hilarious and slightly awkward moment has become a popular meme, and while it’s not on the same level as other popular memes, it’s still well worth a mention.

Your sister is about to go to prison: Season 3, Episode 1

Update Kardashians meme Your sister is about to go to jail selfie meme

These days, fans wonder if Khloe will get married, but on that day, Khloe got into some trouble. This meme is from season three and is about Khloe. She is on probation for drink driving for the reality star and jailed for a month for traveling to Australia instead of attending two courses the court had ordered her to attend.

Kim was taking a few selfies and Kris Jenner said the infamous line, which of course became a meme: “Kim, can you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister is going to jail.” It’s definitely in the classic meme show.

Maybe if you’re in business: Season 15, Episode 1

kim kardashian meme keeps up with the kardashian business

this Real housewives With many successful companies and Kim Kardashian really has a lot of projects going on in recent years.

The meme comes from an episode of season 15, which turns out to be all about the family’s famous annual Christmas photo shoot. When Kourtney was upset about Kim taking their picture, Kim yelled that she was running a business and Kourtney didn’t understand.

Gold and Diamond Earrings: Season 6, Episode 12

keep up kardashians kourtney people are dying meme

It’s hard to overstate how viral this meme is. In this episode six, when everyone went to Bora Bora, Kim lost an earring. And not just any earrings, of course: This $75,000 one, is diamond. She cried for a long time and was extremely scared.

Courtney said, “Kim, someone’s dying,” to prove that she really has no reason to be so upset about something like this.

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Baby, you’re doing great: Part 1, Episode 4

Keep up with kardashian kris jenner memes, you're doing great, honey

2011, short drama play club Visited this historic site but for many, their only experience players is a famous magazine.

In this season’s episode, Kim Kardashian is performing players, her mother came and gave a lot of moral support. Kris even wanted to trademark the phrase “You’re doing great, honey.”

Is that a chicken: Deleted scenes

Keeping up with the Kardashians kris jenner hugging a pig kylie jenner is a chicken meme

This scene may have been deleted, but it exists in keep up with the kardashian history. When Kris Jenner gave Kylie Jenner a pig, Kylie asked if it was a chicken.

based on our weekly, Kylie talked about it years later and said she talked to her mom about buying a pet chicken, so she said so. “I’ve never asked for a pig,” she explains. This is definitely one of the best memes on the show, so it ranks pretty high.

72 Wedding Days: Season 12 Premiere

Kris Jenner keeps up with the Kardashians in 72 days of marriage Meme

Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West has been the focus of many articles and episodes of the show. But back then, she was married to someone else so it definitely wouldn’t last long.

“‘I’ve been married for 72 days,’ Kris Jenner told Kim Kardashian during the Season 12 premiere. Kris said, ‘You guys can judge me all day. I came here to have a good dinner and let people know. relax.’ Kim told her ‘the problem is with you! Chris tells about Kim’s super short marriage to Chris Humphreys.

The FBI Kris Jenner Case: Part 1, Episode 8

Kris Jenner: It's a case of the Fed keeping up with the Kardashian Memes

People keep tweeting that Kris Jenner should be on stage black robberymaybe it will happen now Kuwait It’s over but there are still a lot of great moments Kuwait Kris is part of it.

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Kris Jenner actually said “It’s an FBI case” in one episode keep up with the kardashians. However, as it turned out, that’s exactly what happened. In one episode of this season, a guy had nude photos of Courtney from high school and wanted to sell them. When she received the pictures, Kim thought she was joking and unfortunately she misplaced them. The FBI found the photos, no one had to see them. This is one of the best photos Kuwait Memes, a well-deserved second place.

Kim’s Sad Face: Part 2, Episode 8

Kim Kardashian's crying meme Keeping up with the Kardashians

this Real housewives Had a great vacation and the Kardashian-Jenner family had an epic tour too.

Is it more famous? keep up with the kardashians Are there more emojis than Kim’s crying face? Like Dawson Leery’s crying face, it went viral and is still widely shared to this day. The group traveled to Breckenridge, Colorado, and King had a hard time on that trip and couldn’t stop crying. This is definitely the best meme ever on reality TV.

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