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Meet Raja Kolander, a serial killer and suspected cannibal who was arrested and jailed after murdering a journalist and 13 others. He’s also the subject of Netflix’s latest offering. Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer. Therefore, of course, the desire to know your true story and where you are at the moment is natural.

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Meet Raja Kolander, the Subject of Netflix’s Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer

Netflix’s new true crime series Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer It is about a man named Raja Kolander who is accused of murdering 14 people and cannibalism. The new three-part series directed by Dheeraj Jindal and written by Sudeep Nigam follows the exploits of Raja Kolander after he is accused of murdering a journalist named Dhirendra Singh and 13 others.

The investigation began after local journalist Dhirendra Singh went missing in Uttar Pradesh in December 2000. Police tracked down Singh’s mobile phone during the investigation. They discovered the call sent to a landline phone owned by Kolander and his wife Phoolan Devi.

As the investigation progressed, authorities discovered several skulls and bones, as well as a diary containing gruesome descriptions of Kolander’s alleged cannibalism, after following leads from Naini’s farm. Various accounts state that Kolander would shoot his victims before dismembering their bodies. He then allegedly cooked and consumed some body parts, especially the brain, hoping to learn something from them and preserve the skulls as keepsakes.

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According to Kolander’s diary, authorities believe he is responsible for at least 14 murders. Some of his family members claimed in a Netflix documentary that the stories about Kolander cooking and eating human brains were false.

The documentary aired just seven weeks after Ayesha Sood’s film. Indian Predator: The Delhi Butchershow with similar premises.

Raja Kolander A true story

A court in Allahabad has delivered a verdict against a man who was found guilty of cannibalism and murder of his victims. Defendant Raja Kalander, also known as Ram Niranjan, was found guilty of murdering several people, including journalist Dhirendra Singh. For more than 12 years, Raja Kalander was in the crosshairs of the prosecution. Dhirendra Singh was killed and his body was dismembered, thrown into the river and then into the jungle.

The court declared the murder of Dhirendra Singh to be the rarest of the rare cases in which Kalandar was found guilty. When Dhirendra Singh was killed and his family filed a complaint, an investigation into Kalandar was launched. Police searched the home of district panchayat member Phoolan Devi as part of the investigation into the journalist’s murder, finding several items belonging to Singh there.

Phoolan’s wife, Kalandar, confessed to the murder, and several human skulls were also discovered during the investigation of the case. Police also found Singh’s car.

Kalandar identified Singh’s body. He also admitted to burying 14 human skulls at his residence. In fact, Kalandar admitted that Singh was killed by Kalandar’s brother-in-law, Vakchharaj, at Pipri’s farm from where he called Singh. Kalandar and Vakchharaj transported Singh’s body to Madhya Pradesh after killing him. His body was cut into pieces and buried in the wild.

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Also, Singh’s head was thrown into Bansagar Rewano Lake.

The prosecution called him a serial killer in court because he is responsible for the death of 14 people. He reportedly killed his victims and then kept their skulls for himself. He killed people to take revenge on his enemies and develop his mental strength.

Furthermore, Raja confessed to the police that he killed Singh out of fear. He thought that Dhirendra would reveal her identity and publish her story. According to the police, his brother-in-law actively assisted in his actions. The prosecution testified in court that Kalandar had a habit of devouring certain body parts of his victims. He drank the brains of his victims after freeing them. He also hung heads from trees and dumped body parts on the farm before the pigs.

It is also later revealed that the Raja judged his victims by classifying the skulls of his victims according to their castes. In addition, the police also found Kalandar’s diary, which they called the court diary. The diary contained information about his intended and actual victims. According to police reports, Kalandar was a history buff who previously dabbled in robberies before becoming a murderer. He started killing people in 1998 and didn’t stop until he killed Singh in 2000.

Where is Raja Kolander today?

Raja Kolander was sentenced to life in prison on November 30, 2012, and his appeals are still pending. He is currently in the Unnao District High Security Prison. It should be made clear that the 60-year-old is serving time specifically for the carjacking that resulted in the deaths of Manoj Singh and Ravi Shrivastava in January 2000, as well as the murder of Dhirendra Singh in December 2000. He has never been charged with cannibalism in court.

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“Now I don’t care if they will release me or not,” Raja said in the documentaries. “The charges have been filed, and when the verdict is finally handed down [following appeals], I’m going out. My spirituality is there for me anyway. I don’t care if I get out of prison or not.”

Raja Kolander Age Now

Supposedly born in 1962, Raja Kolander is currently 60 years old.

  • Where was Raja Kolander born?

Raha Kolander was in the Kol tribal community within Allahabad (or Prayagraj) in Uttar Pradesh, India.

  • What did Raja Kolander do for a living?

Raja Kolander worked as an ad hoc employee and driver at a state ordinance factory. Others reported that he worked as a fourth grade clerk at the Chheoki Central Arms Depot.

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