Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend arrested on domestic violence charge after taking a swing at the rapper

The girlfriend of millennial novelty act Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested early Monday morning for taking a swing at the ‘Snitch’ rapper outside a club in Miami.

Rachel Wattley, 25, was booked into the Miami-Dade jail at 3:40 a.m. after she socked her recording artist boyfriend several times inside Kiki by the River, a night club and restaurant at 455 NW N River Drive, according to the arrest report and online records.

It’s unclear what the domestic strife was about, but the two appeared to be having a big night out.

Wattley, who goes by Jade, posted numerous Instagram videos on her account @_ohyousoJade from Sunday night of a birthday party that she was attending with her girlfriends.

Wattley and the rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, 26, have been dating for three years and have a child together, but it’s unclear if he was invited to the party.

Wattley and Hernandez were escorted out of the restaurant about half past midnight after she grabbed his chain and socked him in the face several times, according to the arrest report from the Miami Police Department.

They continued to argue outside the club, police said, and she slugged him again during that argument.

Police saw some swelling on Hernandez left check, the arrest report said, and he told cops that she punched him.

The beaten Hernandez left the scene, but was asked by police to return, but he refused.

Surveillance video corroborated the reports, according to Miami police.

Hernandez, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, launched his career in 2017 with the single ‘Gummo.’

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By then he was already well known to police and prosecutors after pleading guilty to use of a child in a sex performance. He received probation for his crime, but he was back behind bars again in 2018 after being arrested for racketeering as part of a drug and weapons ring in coordination with the violent Nine Trey gang.

The rapper, who has a distinctive 69 tattooed on his face, flipped on his former drug partners and testified for the prosecution against several gang members. By cooperating, he was able to turn a possible 47 year sentence into two years in federal prison.

He memorialized his cooperation with federal prosecutors in the song ‘Snitch.’

‘You think I’m a snitch, well duh,’ he raps. ‘I snitched, I snitched to get out. You would’ve snitched too.’

In April 2020, he was released from behind bars do to the dangers Covid-19 posed to him as an asthmatic.

According to the online publication, CapitalXtra, Wattley started dating Hernandez in 2018 before he went to prison.

Wattley has two likenesses of the rapper tattooed on her body.

‘You was there when nobody wasn’t,’ Hernandez said of his girlfriend on Instagram.

Wattley is being held on $1500 bail, but Hernandez is trying to get her out, according to TMZ.

‘I’m gonna get her out jail – she attacked me in front of the police I told them, ‘You have to evaluate her she’s obviously under the influence I don’t plan to press charges … I’m the one trying to bail her out,’ he told the website.

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