Quizzes were left scratching their heads trying to solve this coronation puzzle in 30 seconds. Can you figure it out?

WITH coronation weekend fast approaching, the excitement is running high.

And in celebration of the historic event that will see Charles officially crowned king, royal fans were left scratching their heads over a coronation-themed puzzle.


Can you find the hidden images in the street party? Credit: ciphr.com

The Brits were challenged to find a series of tiny images in a complicated search-and-find puzzle, thanks to HR software provider Ciphr.

First, they should highlight the Crown Jewels of Coronation, the Orb of Governorship, and the Golden Scepter.

But that’s not all they need to find, as there are three additional clues hidden in the block party scene that takes place outside Buckingham Palace.

Among them are a key, a heart and a butterfly found among the guests at the Union Jack waving party.

However, only shrewd royalists were able to crack the case and solve the breakthrough in less than 30 seconds.

So, are you among the talented group who can see them right away and click the stopwatch before the time limit?

Or, conversely, are you struggling to decipher something from the busy image?

If you have spent hours looking for an image without success, do not be afraid, you are not the only one.

In fact, many needed a little hint to help them on their way.

So, luckily, Ciphr has thrown in some extra little tips to help you point your eyes in the right direction.

Looking directly at the image, try to focus on the following two areas: the upper left side of the image and the right corner.

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Once your eyes are focused on one of these areas, it will be easier to spot the crown and other royal jewels.

Meanwhile, the other three objects are all in the bottom half of the image and camouflaged in the clothes worn by some of the street party participants.

Can you see them now? Without further ado, we can find out where they are.

The king’s crown is on the blue globe in the upper right corner of the image.

Moving a little further to the right, a golden scepter can be seen hanging in the treetops.

Opposite, top left, a gold ruler floats upside down alongside pink and green balloons.

Finally, the clue is in the woman in the gray cardigan on the left, the heart hidden in the yellow jacket on the man in the middle, and the butterfly perched on the man’s purple hoodie on the right.

Once you see them, everything seems so simple.


Once you see them, everything seems so simpleCredit: Ciphr.com

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