Qui Yasuka A.K.A. Suki Baby: Cover Girl Of Drake’s ‘HER LOSS’

Since Drake and Savage 21’s album’s cover image with Qui Yasuka was unveiled, people have been speculating about the identity of the woman depicted there; some have even mistaken her for reality TV personality Sukihana.

But they can’t be more wrong. Keep reading to learn more about Qui Yasuka’s Net Worth, Age, Personal Life and Bio, and More.

Who Is The Woman On Drake’s New Album HER LOSS?

Drake’s latest album, HER LOSS, had a picture of a woman on the cover with two gold teeth, long, wispy lashes, and flawlessly coiffed baby hair. Many were curious about who she was and how she ended up as the face of the rap project with the two icons.

Well, the woman on the cover of Drake’s new album is Quiana Yasuka, also known as Suki Baby. Although Yasuka was born in North Carolina, she spent most of her formative years there. She is of Japanese, Black, and Cherokee ancestry. She performs as an adult dancer in Houston and goes by the name Suki. She also operates a nail salon. Qui Yasuka’s age is approximately 24 years.

According to Paris Aden who took the photo, Drake just saw the photo and asked if he could use it for the album. Aden believes it was her profile pic and Drake probably fell in love with what he saw.”

Qui Yasuka (Suki Baby) Net Worth 2022

Qui Yasuka charges $25 per month for OnlyFans subscriptions and currently has over 2.6k likes on the platform. Going by these estimates, she should be earning an annual income of $780,000.

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She also has a twitch account with over 1.5k subscribers, which generates an annual income of around $50,0000. She also has a YouTube channel with less than 2k subscribers. So she isn’t probably generating much revenue through it.

However, these are not her only income sources as she is also an exotic dancer and owns a nail salon. The average exotic dancer in the United States earns roughly $40,000 a year, whereas well-established nail salons gross close to $575,000 every year.

Besides, she is also an established model, which means she probably earns quite a sum from her projects every year.

Taking all these into consideration, Qui Yasuka’s (Suki Baby’s) Net Worth is at least $2,000,000 in 2022 at the time of writing. But these estimates are sure to go up quickly now that she has appeared on a Drake & Savage 21’s Album’s cover art.

Besides, Suki Baby already plans to open her own merch store and also an NFT on OpenSea.

Qui Yasuka (Suki Baby) Personal Life & Bio

Suki Baby (Quiana Yasuka) has almost 30,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts some of her photos from photo shoots, and more than 91,000 followers on Twitter, where she goes by the moniker Bankroll Freakho.

She is a skilled 3D design artist as well. Suki said she began drawing and 3D designing in high school in one of her Tweets in August 2022.

When she was a high school student, she initially began doing nails. Suki revealed that she also has a strong interest in grills and jewelry made from teeth and that she even has books on the anatomy of the teeth so she can learn more about how the human mouth functions and how grills may be constructed. Prints of the images she takes are also for sale.

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To pay her costs after returning from Japan a few years ago, she left college and “continued to dance.” She said she was excited to return to school to pursue a degree in art and design.

Many think Suki’s ties in Houston may have played a part, even though Drake’s precise motivation for picking her is still a mystery. Rapper Lil Yachty revealed on Instagram that he had discovered the image and chosen it for the cover. “I Chose This Cover Because This Photo Is So Raw… So Authentic.. Not Fabricated.. Suki Can And Will Only Be Suki,” h e stated. “MY BROTHRRR @aristatalovich BROUGHT IT TO LIFE…. HER LOSS. F**K WHO AINT WIT US,” added Lil Yachty.

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