Pulp Fiction: The True Story Behind Samuel L. Jackson’s Audition

by Samuel Jackson pulp Audition stories tell the secrets behind how actors landed their breakout roles. pulp Quentin Tarantino’s Sequel reservoir dog And take on a heinous crime story filled with unforgettable characters. Perhaps the film’s standout character is Jules Winfield, the role that catapulted Samuel L. Jackson to stardom and earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. However, the strange story of Jackson’s audition pulp Proving that didn’t stop the actor from landing the role that kicked off his Hollywood career.

Although when the time comes pulp In the development process, Samuel L. Jackson is not a new character, Jules Winnfield is the character that helps him become famous in the movie industry. Jackson has had supporting roles in critically acclaimed films, including do the right thing, good guy, And Jurassic Park. In fact, Jackson has almost worked with Tarantino before pulpActors coming soon reservoir dogTarantino told Jackson he had a role for him in his next movie and sent him the script, but when he got to the audition, he was mistaken for another actor, ie. so angry that he acted out of anger, which eventually led to him being cast as Jules. airport.

Samuel L Jackson was mistaken for Laurence Fishburne during his audition for Pulp Fiction

Talk about vulture, Jackson shared that he was dubbed “Mr. Fishburne” by the casting crew because they mistook him for Laurence Fishburne, who had previously been offered the role of Jules Winfield but turned it down. This didn’t sit well with Jackson, who was furious, which translated into his performance, which ultimately won him the role. On the other hand, Fishburne recently revealed why he turned down the role pulp, it’s all about a scene that Jules Winfield wasn’t even in: Mia overdoses on drugs. The scene where Vincent had to give her an epinephrine shot right after she overdosed on heroin was too much for him because he felt the movie made the drug look appealing.

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no lead role pulp This is no big loss for Laurence Fishburne, who has gone on to appear in many different types of projects, most notably matrix series. In the case of Samuel L. Jackson, Jules Winfield boosted his career and helped make him the big star he is today, starring in other Quentin Tarantino projects and numerous films, including franchises like the Williams Cinematic Universe and Star Wars.

The Pulp Novel Casting Team are not the only ones making this mistake

Novel Pulp Samuel L Jackson

Samuel Jackson pulp The audition story was bad enough to take place in the 1990s. However, while diversity in Hollywood may have improved over time, a similar incident occurred nearly a decade later proving shows that there is still a long way to go. In face-to-face interviews (via CNN), a reporter asked Jackson about his appearance in a Super Bowl commercial, and Jackson was quick to point out that he wasn’t. The reporter appeared to have been informed of his mistake by someone without a camera and tried to switch the subject, but Jackson quickly realized that the reporter had mistook him for Fishburne again. .

Jackson seemed to take advantage of every moment to strut his stuff, teasing reporters by saying, “Are you an entertainment reporter?” The confusion led to him being drafted pulpHowever, the fact that industry insiders may mistake Jackson and Fishburne for two people who look alike speaks volumes about the diversity issue plaguing the film industry. Actors like Jackson and Fishburne, and many others before them, have helped break down barriers, but clearly more work remains to be done.

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