Popular TV duo announce career break amid health battle

POPULAR TV duo The Hairy Bikers have confirmed that they are taking a “break” amid Dave Myers’ ongoing cancer battle.

The TV stars confirmed the career break with a post on Instagram.


The Hairy Bikers are taking a career breakCredit: RexDave has been battling with his health over the past year


Dave has been battling with his health over the past yearCredit: BBC

Dave, 65, and Si King, 56, rose to fame through their cooking programmes but have been forced to slow their hectic schedules down over the past year as a result of Dave’s diagnosis.

He confirmed in May of last year that he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer but he has done his best to continue working as much as he can.

Among their many projects is the pair’s popular podcast – Agony Uncles.

However, they confirmed they would be taking a much-needed “break” from recording any more editions.

Alongside a clip from the show’s latest ‘best of’ episode, the pair penned to their fans: “Those hardworking Agony Uncles are taking a well earned break which gives us the chance to look back on a busy year of problem solving.

“In this Best Of Confidential Corner, Uncle Si, Uncle Dave & Posh Tash tackle troubles including The Recipe Of Love, Swinging Mum & Dad, a case of the Pinot Piles and the toe-curler that is Caught In The Act.

“Listen to this week’s best off through all the streaming services!”

Dave spoke about his struggle with “brutal” chemotherapy back in March this year.

He said: “I’m still having it. I lost so much weight, then it’s a battle to get your calories in.

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“Now I’ve got to the point where I’m at the weight I want to be, and I want to maintain it.”

They are on a break from their popular podcast


They are on a break from their popular podcastCredit: Rex

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