Poppy Playtime’s Official Huggy Wuggy Plush Toy Is Now Available

Fans of Poppy Playtime can now snuggle with the game’s horror icon Huggy Wuggy as official merchandise is now available in the form of a plush toy. Poppy Playtime has become one of the scariest video games in recent memory, gaining traction across social media as content creators delve into the horrors the game conceals.

Similar to games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Poppy Playtime is a jumpscare-fuelled horror romp that relies on what would otherwise be child-friendly characters. Unlike FNAF, however, the horror-puzzle game hasn’t seen nearly as much merchandise released, in part due to it being a relatively new title that launched in late 2021. In lieu of official products, fans have taken to making and selling their own Poppy Playtime-inspired characters and plush toys, though many have eagerly awaited a range of official toys, in part due to Poppy Playtime‘s in-game use of dolls and plush characters.

Announced on Twitter by Poppy Playtime‘s developer and publisher MOB Games, fans can now get their hands on their very own plush Huggy Wuggy toy via the Poppy Playtime website. The officially-licensed soft plush is an exact replica of the game’s infamous Huggy Wuggy, which comes in at around 17 inches in length, and comes complete with embroidered stitching and even velcro paws. The Wuggy Huggy plush retails for $29.99 USD, and will likely sell out fast if the game’s success is anything to go by.

The Huggy Wuggy plush is seeming like just the beginning for merchandise for the game, which is only growing in popularity thanks to the upcoming Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 release. Fans can expect to see a host of new scares at launch, including Poppy Playtime‘s new Mommy Long Legs character, who seems to be based on the classic 1990s doll, Betty Spaghetty. While Chapter 2 doesn’t yet have a release date, a recent trailer already has the community speculating on just what’s to come for the horror franchise.

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As fans patiently wait for new details on the next chapter of Poppy Playtime, there’s still lots for players to enjoy as the game currently stands. As well as the new Huggy Wuggy plush fans can now add to their carts, the game’s first chapter recently came to mobile, offering scares for many new players, while offering an alternative way for existing fans to experience Poppy Playtime. The game may only be a few months old, but MOB Games seemingly has no plans to slow down when it comes to Poppy Playtime – and Huggy Wuggy.

Source: MOB Games/Twitter, Poppy Playtime

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