Poppy Playtime Ch. 2 Theory – Stella Is Actually Kissy Missy

Poppy Playtime‘s second chapter has recently been released, which in turn has sparked even more theories about what is going on inside of Playtime Co. Even though the game does well to provide tidbits and crumbs to the game’s lore, a lot is left up to fan speculation. And because of Chapter 2, a lot of speculation has started that Stella might actually be the monster Kissy Missy.

[Warning: Spoilers For Poppy Playtime Ch. 2 Are Below.]

Stella is a minor character in Poppy Playtime, with a singular appearance. Her only appearance in the game so far has been during the game’s first chapter, where the player can find a tape in Poppy Playtime and listen to her being interviewed to work at Playtime Co. On the tape, Stella reminisces to her interviewer about her love of playing with toys as a child, which has her come across as a kind woman.

Originally, it was speculated that Stella was actually Poppy due to her love of being a child and playing with toys. Yet since the release of Chapter 2, the speculations are changing that Stella might actually be Kissy Missy instead. There are a couple of hints inside Chapter 2 that support this theory.

Poppy Playtime Ch. 2 – Why Stella Might Actually Be Kissy Missy

The biggest evidence of Stella being Kissy Missy can be found in Chapter 2 when the player enters the room with the Game Train. On the platform next to the train, there is a cardboard cutout of Kissy Missy in Poppy Playtime in a conductor’s uniform with a big red button that will play audio when pushed by the player. When the player pushes the button, instead of an unheard before female voice, the cutout begins to speak with Stella’s voice instead. The voice lines are generic, such as counting down the departure of the train, but the fact remains that it used Stella’s voice and not a different one, which seems to be an intentional choice from the developers.

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Another smaller hint could be when the player actually runs into Kissy Missy. The player finds themselves trapped behind a gate, the lever to open it on the other side. Kissy Missy emerges from down the hallway, but instead of being hostile like the other monsters in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, she comes across as curious, docile, and friendly, and simply opens the gate for the player before disappearing. This could also be a minor hint since Stella came across as a genuinely kind, curious, and whimsical person during her interview on the tape from Chapter 1.

While nothing is confirmed, Chapter 2 provides a lot of insight into who these characters might be. There is also a hint during Chapter 2 that Playtime Co.’s owner, Elliot Ludwig, lost his daughter, which suggests that Poppy might be the reincarnation of his daughter, somewhat disproving the “Stella is Poppy” theory. This is all up to speculation though, and players will have to wait for the release of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 to get more hints about Poppy Playtime‘s lore and characters.

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