Police officers discovered an abandoned suitcase and heard ‘Piši’ from inside.

Early last month, officers saw a mother and her dog speeding through a busy neighborhood and decided to slow down and help.

Police day gets a little more interesting after the dogs are taken into custody and taken to the Center. Then they discovered a locked coffin, from which a screeching sound was heard.

The offices were shocked to discover seven puppies in the coffin when they carefully opened it.

When the box was finally opened, the dogs squealed with joy.

As the officers pieced together the events of the day, they realized that the pets were crying for their mother, the dog the police had just rescued. “We’re so grateful they’ve come back to protect these dogs!”

“The puppies have their existence thanks to their mother, who has been running around trying to find help to be able to get the puppies out of the luggage,” the post reads.

The animals are getting older, but not ready for adoption, but in the meantime they enjoy the love and pampering of the shelter staff.

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Source: tiengtrunghaato.edu.vn

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