Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Outfits Learned Nothing From Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet may have brought some good innovations to the series, but its character customization failed to follow up on Legends: Arceus‘ successes. Scarlet and Violet took steps to make Pokémon‘s quality of life smoother than ever and even added some parts of Legends: Arceus to the traditional Pokémon setting. However, comparing character outfits makes Scarlet and Violet look like a major disappointment.

In many ways, Scarlet and Violet were able to successfully bring over or improve mechanics from other games. The Tera Raids are an updated version of Sword and Shield‘s Dynamax raids mixed with the new Terastal mechanic, and traveling in the overworld borrows a lot from Legends: Arceus. Brand-new ideas like the Let’s Go battle mechanic that lets Scarlet and Violet‘s Pokémon battle independently also proved to be good additions. Aside from the documented glitches and framerate issues, Scarlet and Violet look to be a great successor to the previous games. Unfortunately, Scarlet and Violet‘s character customization went the other way, representing a step backward for the series.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Uniforms Are A Disappointing Step Backwards

In Scarlet and Violet, the player has the option to buy new accessories from stores, like in other recent Pokémon games. However, the player’s options for clothing have been severely restricted. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the player can only choose from four school uniforms to comprise their character’s clothes, cutting down on customization options by a great deal. While early information about Scarlet and Violet‘s customization looked promising, the uniform restriction was a serious letdown. To make matters worse, none of the uniforms are particularly interesting, and only four options mean that most players’ outfits will look very similar despite being able to accessorize their outfits with items like hats and gloves.

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Some could argue that Scarlet and Violet‘s outfit restriction makes sense because the protagonists are in school, but that can be easily refuted. In Legends: Arceus, the player is a member of the Galactic Investigation Team in the distant past. Rather than restricting the player to a uniform, though, they can select a wide array of outfits of various colors and styles that all fit the setting. Players had options ranging from kimonos to martial arts gis and beyond. Legends: Arceus‘ customization was what players wanted, offering plenty of ways to make their characters look distinctive and interesting. In contrast, Scarlet and Violet‘s player characters don’t have that luxury.

Customizing one’s own character is an incredibly popular part of recent Pokémon games, so to fumble in that area is more than a little disappointing. Giving everyone only four outfits to choose from is a letdown, and it speaks volumes to how Scarlet and Violet failed to live up to expectations for character creation. Instead of choosing from outfits suitable for all styles, players are required to wear the same uninteresting uniforms. When the biggest cosmetic changes that one can make to their outfit are their hat and backpack, that should be an obvious problem. With how long Scarlet and Violet‘s story lasts, players should have the freedom to design their characters however they want.

At the moment, one can only hope that Scarlet and Violet release some new outfits through either DLC or game updates. It would be a shame if players never got any options for outfits outside the initial school uniforms. There are a lot of things to like about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but its limited outfit options are undeniably disappointing.

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