Pocahontas: 10 Tattoos That Are Inked With The Colors Of The Wind

Pocahontas is a signature addition to the Disney lineup as it adds another layer of diversity to their roster of princesses. While she focuses on the beauty of the natural world around her, she is wild and free in a way that inspires audiences of all ages. Many people have idolized her throughout their lives, and some even remember the movie.

She’s been around since 1995, but the tattoo artist behind these designs has reinvented her in new and exciting ways. Read on to see some of the best tattoos created by Flit, Meeko, and Pocahontas themselves!

directly from the movie

This tattoo looks like it was straight out of a movie, and the background this guy’s tattoo creates has that effect. The use of color is dramatic with various shades of blue and pink highlighting her figure and reminding fans of her iconic song. color of the windRussell Van Schaick is the artist behind this masterpiece and his ability to mix colors makes this tattoo one of the best.

beautiful brown eyes

@sareshtattoos' Pocahontas tattoo on Instagram

Fans are drawn to these large tattooed brown eyes of Pocahontas, as that is one of her most prominent features. Her layered back hair adds movement to the composition, while the leaves at the front of the tattoo give it some texture. Some things don’t make sense in the movie, but that doesn’t stop Sareshtatoos from creating this awe-inspiring masterpiece.

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flight in flight

@clodin_93's Pocahontas tattoo on Instagram

Flit seems to be flying in this tattoo because of the use of translucent colors and various shapes to create this appeal. Pocahontas may not have a real-life hummingbird friend, but that hasn’t stopped fans from loving this adorable little girl. Claudia Denti created this tattoo with rave reviews from fans as well as other artists, envious of her use of thin lines in the final design.

modern interpretation

Rich Harris' Pocahontas Tattoo

An artist named Rich Harris created this tattoo to make this Disney princess more real. Using a flat image on her face makes her look more dimensional, while the makeup gives her a modern look.

It’s almost like a cosplay of Pocahontas himself and fans are hoping for the lead role in the live remake. This tattoo made the list because it’s a different approach than most artists tend to take, which is why it’s so sought after by Disney fans.

beautiful hummingbird

Lady Chappelle's Pocahontas Tattoo

Flit looks absolutely stunning in this tattoo as both the wings and the foliage that curls around his body add movement to the piece. Using blues and pinks to outline his body helps him stand out against their skin, especially since they have some other colorful tattoos around here. Lady Chappelle created this tattoo and fans are comparing it to other fan art created by others out of passion for the princess.

the gangs are here

Sammy Van Higgins' Pocahontas Tattoo

The tattoos requested by tattoo fans usually focus on a character from the movie Pocahontas, but this tattoo decided to add both the princess and her animal friend. Sammy Van Higgins, the artist behind this piece, tried to make it a cohesive design by adding swirls of blue and purple in the background. Fans also love how Pocahontas, Flit, and Meeko show off their unique personalities in this tattoo based on their different expressions.

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quotes for memorization

Count Nixon's Pocahontas Tattoo

Quotes are a common request that tattoo artists receive, and Earl Nixon was commissioned to create a tattoo that combines the man’s favorite Disney princess quotes and movies into one. It’s actually spoken by the village shaman, Kekata, but it’s the life chosen by fans everywhere.

They love to associate the compass with the phrase, and the watercolor design behind it adds a splash of color. It’s beautiful because it’s about the movie, and that’s something only true fans can understand and appreciate.

a bit dark

Brandon Bec .'s Pocahontas Tattoo

Between the black lipstick and bold lines, this Pocahontas looks more gothic than fans are used to seeing. Brandon Bec, the artist behind the design, gave fans a lot of fun between the gothic-faced Meeko and the blurry image of her jumping from a waterfall. The movie may not be one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, but this tattoo proves why it should be.

perfect sketch

@ankvonannika's Pocahontas tattoo on Instagram

Sometimes less is more, and this tattoo proves it, as the artist used contours of her body instead of filling the entire image. It has a simple aesthetic as orange is rarely used, which combined with dark hair color gives her a unique look. Ank Von Annika, the artist behind this tattoo, gave Pocahontas a new style that no one expected.

Meeko and friends

@josiesexton's Pocahontas tattoo on Instagram

Meeko the panda is the star of this tattoo, but Flit and Percy also appear to pay tribute to all of the friends in the film. He barely appears at the end of the movie and this tattoo proves he’s a fan favorite. Because it uses compatible colors and tells its own story, it’s also a masterpiece that fans can thank Josie Sexton for creating it.

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