Billionaire Peter Thiel had 'messy' fight with husband over BF Jeff Thomas before his death, say sources

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Peter Thiel was reportedly confronted by his husband Matt Danzeisen after the latter discovered his spouse’s rumored boyfriend Jeff Thomas was present at their New Year’s Eve bash.

Sources revealed that the billionaire couple was embroiled in a “messy confrontation” in front of several guests during the party held at Thiel’s luxurious Miami Beach compound. It’s worth noting that the model was reportedly in a three-year relationship with the PayPal co-founder, who is said to have set him up in a $13 million dollar mansion tucked in the Hollywood Hills and showered him with lavish overseas trips, a $300,000 sports car, and exclusive access to the most sought after parties in town.


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‘Why is HE here?’

Thiel and Danzeisen reportedly got into a tiff as Thomas was not part of the official guest list. Insiders with knowledge told Daily Mail that Thomas would have never attended the soiree if he knew Thiel’s longtime partner was going to be present. “Why is HE here?” Danzeisen reportedly asked, as quoted by the newspaper. The model was allegedly escorted off the property by security detail in a “publicly humiliating” move, witnesses alleged. Thomas and Thiel’s romance was described as an “open secret,” although it’s unclear if Danzeisen knew about the relationship. Pals told the newspaper that Thomas’ mental health deteriorated after the New Year’s Eve embarrassment, especially since the social media influencer was cut off financially after the party.

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On March 8, Thomas fell to his death from the balcony of his Miami high-rise. The tragedy is being investigated as a possible suicide, but Thomas’s cousin Meghan Rae has since cast doubt on reports that he ended his life. “This was not a suicide. To report otherwise is a complete disregard to his character and who he was,” she told Daily Mail, adding, “The information being published is false and defamatory. No further comments will be made by our family. Please respect our privacy and his memory during this difficult time.”

Jeff Thomas was in ‘good spirits’ day before his death

Thomas’ agent Luli Batista of the Los Angeles-based Sovereign Talent Group also expressed shock at the news, saying she texted him the day before his demise. She said he was in “good spirits” and that they chatted about his career goals. To add to the mystery, Thomas posted a final photo on Instagram on the day of his death. “A cold plunge a day keeps the doctor away #coldplunge #wellness #mentalhealth,” he captioned the image.

Meanwhile, reporter Ryan Grim of The Intercept revealed he landed an exclusive interview with Thomas before the midterm elections for an upcoming series on Thiel. According to Grim, Thomas felt compelled to talk about Thiel’s double-standards as a homosexual man who was also the largest donor of former president Donald Trump’s MAGA movement. During the interview, Thomas allegedly described himself as a “kept” boyfriend of the hedge fund honcho, whose estimated worth is $8.14B per Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index. The German-American venture capitalist is said to have become romantically involved with the influencer model in late 2019. Sources told Daily Mail that the model provided physical intimacy in exchange for financial support and stability.

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