Peter Pan & Wendy Trailer: Live-Action Tinker Bell & Captain Hook Revealed

The fantastic world of Neverland is getting reimagined in the first Peter Pan & Wendy trailer. The upcoming film is acting as both a new take on Disney’s iconic animated adventure and J.M. Barrie’s play revolving around the eponymous young boy that never ages in Neverland and brings the young Wendy and her siblings with him on an adventure. The new adaptation comes from co-writer/director David Lowery, who previously helmed the Pete’s Dragon live-action remake.

With just two months remaining until its arrival, Disney has revealed the first Peter Pan & Wendy trailer.

The video, as seen above, offers a deeper look at the upcoming Disney remake, namely that of Yara Shahidi’s live-action Tinker Bell paired up with Alexander Molony’s titular character. The Peter Pan & Wendy trailer also reveals the first haunting look at Jude Law’s Captain Hook towering over Wendy and her siblings.

Everything The Peter Pan & Wendy Trailer Revealed

While word has been largely silent on the film, anticipation for Peter Pan & Wendy has been modest thanks to Lowery’s work on the live-action Pete’s Dragon, which was a critical and commercial hit. The Peter Pan & Wendy trailer points towards Lowery largely keeping the same approach and style from his previous Disney remake, looking for a way to ground a fantastical source material while still retaining the adventurous spirit of the original. This tone is felt in the trailer with Peter’s first introduction to Wendy, keeping his same witty entrance from the animated film.

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While Molony’s character was shown in previous marketing, the Peter Pan & Wendy trailer does mark the first proper looks at Shahidi’s Tinker Bell and Law’s Hook, both of which mark promising signs for the film. Unlike many other live-action Disney remakes that have come under fire for major design changes to their characters, both Tink and Hook look nearly identical to their animated counterparts. Law’s Peter Pan & Wendy villain does look to have been given a far more terrifying tweak to his facial features, making him look more akin to a Pirates of the Caribbean antagonist.

One of the other major changes the Peter Pan & Wendy trailer seems to indicate is a more sensitive approach to adapting Tiger Lily. Many previous Peter Pan adaptations have come under fire for the enforcing of Native American stereotypes with the character, while 2015’s Pan was criticized for whitewashing with Rooney Mara’s casting. Not only has Lowery gone for a more authentic casting with Canadian Cree actor Alyssa Wapanatâhk, but also looks to have better fleshed out the character than most other incarnations. Only time will tell when Peter Pan & Wendy hits Disney+ on April 28.

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