Personality test: the way you hold your hand will reveal how your brain works

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Think carefully about your answer to this personality test and we’re sure you’ll be left gasping. You only have one chance to get through this challenge, so consider it with the severity of the incident. All you have to do in virus challenge today is to answer how you hold hands, this test will reveal how your brain is currently working. Do you dare to join? Depending on your final choice, this puzzle can make you think in different ways, so stay focused.

It is important to note that you must be as honest as possible as your answers will affect the results you get on this personality test. When you choose for this psychological test, you will know what each number means and what it means to you, so answer wisely.

Pay attention to the image. In it, you can see up to three different ways of closing the fist that people have, each with its own characteristics. According to your personality, you will only have to choose one option, how you will perform the specified action and thus you will learn surprising qualities about yourself.


Personality test: the way you hold your hand will reveal how your brain works (Image: Bright Side).


  • holding hands #1

You stand out with your creativity. You are a very enthusiastic, proactive person and you are always looking for new adventures. You hate sitting still and can’t stand being restrained. You are a lover of art and nature. You present yourself very well in public and have no problem saying what you think in front of anyone. You are very calm and loving.

  • holding hands #2
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You are a very sociable person, worthy of everyone’s trust. You have a great intelligence that makes you excellent in all areas. You deeply detest injustice and are very kind to everyone who crosses your path. You enjoy helping others and have a generous heart.

  • holding hands #3

You are impatient and impulsive. You usually don’t think twice about the decisions you make and this has caused you headaches more than once. You are very passionate about everything you do, do it responsibly and pay attention to the last detail. You are characterized as extremely honest and very kind.

Did you like today’s personality test? Does it meet your expectations? Well, congratulations if you have discovered yourself and your way of living or thinking. If not, don’t worry. In addition to this quiz, there is another type of spread, between challenge and challenge, that will be to your liking. Follow this link: more viral challenges in Deporand ready.


According to analysts, a personality test is an experimental tool to measure or evaluate a certain psychological trait. This is why they have become so popular on social networks because depending on the type (questionnaire, prediction and attitude) they identify different characteristics that you may not have known about. yourself and your thoughts on things.

Throughout life, we accumulate experiences that shape our way of life, character, or character to face certain experiences on a daily basis. Among them are traumatic experiences that build up in our subconscious and flare up when we are faced with certain stimuli.

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