Perfect your boxing in smaller spaces with Liteboxer’s new wall-mounted unit

Working out at home is a more popular option than it’s ever been, not only due to the spike in the amount of time people are spending indoors, but also thanks to the number of options available to them. Now, another option has become available: A wall-mounted unit by Liteboxer that is perfect for people with smaller apartments and less floorspace.

Liteboxer is an at-home workout experience that combines fitness with rhythm gaming. Think of it like Dance Dance Revolution (or Beat Saber, for a more contemporary reference). Users get their workout in by punching the unit based on the lights and music. It keeps users moving at a steady pace to increase their cardio, but gamifies the workout in a way that keeps it fun and entertaining.

You can choose between different tracks to workout to, as well as various programs and skill levels. There is a large LED screen mounted on the Liteboxer below the unit itself. The original unit utilized a floor mount, but that required a large amount of space that many people did not have on-hand. The new unit attaches straight to the wall and requires zero floor space.

It’s compact enough for studio apartments, but durable enough that it can stand up to repeated blows during your workout session. It utilizes LED runway lights, targets, and force sensors to simulate sparring with an actual partner. Liteboxer suggests users set up the workout station on a non-shared wall or one that is essentially soundproo because the force of the blows will transfer through the wall and can disturb neighbors. If you can’t set up the Liteboxer on an area like this, the floor unit can help minimize noise.

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The Liteboxer Wall Mount is currently available for $1,495, but the ongoing Black Friday Sale from Liteboxer is offering $400 off all Liteboxer packages — including this new release.

If you’re tired of cardio machines or more traditional workout methods, the Liteboxer floor mount or wall mount models offer a way to burn calories and keep yourself entertained at the same time. It adds a gaming element to the experience that will help you work out day after day, making it fun rather than a chore.

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