People can’t agree on this baffling picture, so do YOU see a creepy clown face or a cute dog?

CAST your mind back to 2015 – otherwise known as “The Year a Dress Broke the Internet” – and you’ll remember that we all went wild for optical illusions.

After the great gold or blue dress debate, the internet was baffled once again by the Laurel or Yanny clip – and now there’s a mystifying photo doing the rounds online.


Can YOU see a clown face or a dog in this picture?Credit: Reddit

But can YOU see a creepy clown face or cute dog?

The image was first posted on Reddit where people battled it out in the comments over what they saw.

“I can alternate between dog & clown,” one replied. “Took a minute to see the clown.”

“My brain is fried,” another joked.

Reddit users drew an outline of the clown face for people who couldn't see it


Reddit users drew an outline of the clown face for people who couldn’t see itCredit: Reddit

Unlike The Dress and Laurel or Yanny debates, there isn’t a scientific explanation behind this image – which is actually of an elderly labrador.

But if you’re struggling to see the “clown”, a third said it’s easier to make out if you cover the dogs eyes.

Meanwhile, others even drew the outline of the “clown face” and shared it on Twitter where it sparked further debate.

One fumed: “Ok, can everyone just stop posting the “Do you see a dog, or a clown” picture? I see the dog and I 100% do not want to see it ruined by the clown. Thanks.”

Another joked: “Am… am I the clown?”

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