Paul Reubens death updates — Pee-wee Herman star apologizes in posthumous statement and reveals years-long health battle

About Paul Reuben’s relationship with Debi Mazar

After his 1989 marriage, Paul Reubens then dated actress Debi Mazar for several years starting in 1993.

He even credits her for ending his depression. In an archived 2010 Playboy interview, Reuben said: “What finally pulled me out of my shell the first time was that I fell in love.

“I met a woman, an actress—Debi Mazar—at a movie screening toward the end of 1993 and was just so incredibly completely smitten that it was like, Boom, I’m back!

“It was so powerful; it was a gift. I would be all funky and dark, but she was able to just say a bunch of stuff to me, like ‘Come on! Up, up, up, up!'”

It is unclear when the pair decided to split or why, however, Mazar has been married to Gabriele Corcos since March 2002.

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