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When we want to travel abroad, the first two things that come to our mind are Passport and Visa. However, passport की प्रवास्टोर्ट है He did it to me. Many people use the pure Hindi language, but they also call some words in English English. आनहीन शब्द्व में passport, जीस अंग रेजी In this case, I said so. However, if you do not have a passport you will still need to do so. So he did it with him. He did it with him.

and passport

सबस्पे पहले That’s what I did. .

Passport issued by the government of India which contains information about your nationality, photo, parents’ names, gender and date of birth along with your name.


passport भी अलाग-अल्ग का , जिस्मे अ passport (regular passport) ह No. If you go abroad, you will be issued a normal passport.

At the same time issue official passports (Official Passport) to government employees. (Temporary Passport)

For example, grape passport है, जीसे विदेश vna व…. slujdootoon को ज . In India, the number of ordinary passports is the largest.

क्य Passport (Passport in Hindi)

passport को अधित passport कहा जाता . However, in Hindi it is called by various names including अज्ञापत्र, अभयपत्र, गमानपत्र, पारपत् र, अग He did it.

However, you can do it with me. . अशी passport हिंदी That’s one of those.

हम अधित करेट हैन की है अपका आया आया होगा . If not, click on the article’s link below.

குக்க்குக்குக்குக் க்கு க்கு है है दुनिया के सबस्बे न्गे अम की की केथी, 3 लाध रूपी किलो तक द ाम ाम

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