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If you were old enough to watch and remember music videos from the 2000s, then you should remember Pasha Bleasdell. She was the one in the iconic club scene in Nelly’s Hot in Here music video. But unfortunately, today we have bad news. Pasha is dead!

Please continue reading this “Biju Pashe Bleasdell” to find out more about what happened and his life story.

Pasha Bleasdell Cause of death

Pasha Bleasdell died of a brain tumor on June 4, 2022.

News of his death was first revealed by Canadian director Director X, who has worked with stars including Drake, Nelly, Rihanna, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande.

“We lost a friend yesterday,” Director X began his IG post with Pasha. According to him, his crew first met Pasha while working on the set of Donnell Jones’ “Where I Want To Be.” From that point on, he started putting her in the mix and it was all a “wild ride” from that point on.

“I’ve put her in a million videos and spent the same amount of time dating,” she added, before labeling her “honest and cool.” Also, having someone who never “dramatizes life”, Director X considered Pasha one of the best role models for him.

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Unfortunately, he lost a true collaborator and dear friend, Paša, after almost 2 decades of working together.

But he wasn’t the only one who missed her. Beneath the music director’s post, Busta Rhymes commented: “This is horrible! Rest, Queen Pasha.” Likewise, Pusha T and Terrence Howard also offered their condolences and commented with a series of prayer emojis.

Pasha Bleasdell starred in Nelly’s Hot In Herre video

Pasha Bleasdell was featured in Nelly’s official music video “Hot In Herre” which was remastered in HD and uploaded to Youtube in December 2009.

Although Pasha appears throughout the video, you may remember her as the girl who says “What?” right after the music stops and Nelly says “Stop playing, you’re wasting time, I’ve got a friend with holes in the basement.”

What were the highlights of Pasha Bleasdell’s career?

In addition to Nelly’s “Hot In Herre,” Pasha Bleasdell appeared in 50 Cent’s “PIMP” video and Sean Paul’s “Gimme the Light.”

Also, since Pasha had a good relationship with Director X, he often involved her in numerous videos that he directed. She definitely was the IT girl for almost every music video in the 2000s.

After his death, Diana Reyes, the dance artist for “FLY LADY DI,” wrote on her FB: “RIP PASHA BLEASDELL… It was an honor to work with you as much as I did. You were truly an icon. 🕊 Rest in the power of the queen.”

And she was just one of many who remembered Easter and shared works.

Pasha was the original material girl. All the girls wanted to be like her and she was every man’s dream. Shirtless jean vest/bra, Kangol wash and set, it was Pasha’s style we stole.

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“I always had a crush on #PashaBleasdell growing up watching Nelly’s Hot In Herre music video. RIP Pasha Bleasdell,” the second hand tweeted.

While another wrote: “I wanted to look like Pasha Bleasdell when I grow up. May he rest in peace.”

Pasha Bleasdell husband

Pasha Bleasdell may be in the music industry. But she never let others know about her private life. Or as Director X put it: “She was always honest and great. I have never brought drama into my life.”

Therefore, it is not clear whether Pasha left her husband or boyfriend behind.

But whoever her loved one was, we hope they had a chance, to be honest, to show their love before she died. Because you never know when the last time you’ll talk to someone will be.

Pasha Bleasdell Age at death

Pasha was 38 years old at the time of her death in June 2022.

He was born on January 24, 1984 and belonged to the zodiac sign Aquarius.

Was Pasha Bleasdell on Instagram?

It seems that Pasha did not have an Instagram account. Even Director X never tagged her in any of her posts that she appeared in. This further suggests that Pasha was not a social media person.

However, we found her on Pinterest @pashableasdell. This could have been his only social media account.

  • Where was Pasha Bleasdell living at the time of her death?

Pasha is believed to have breathed her last in the United States surrounded by family and friends.

  • How tall was Pasha Bleasdell?

Pasha was less than 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall.

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His distinguishing features included dark hair, brown eyes, and a fit body.

  • What do we know about the Pasha Bleasdell family?

Pasha comes from a Canadian family. His full name is Pasha de Matas Bleasdell.

However, she never revealed her family members.

But even without power, fans around the world prayed for his family’s strength and expressed their condolences.

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