Paralyzed kitten finally gets a second chance to walk

The cat that was left alone was taken to the vet with serious leg injuries. He was given the opportunity to walk again by members of the clinic, who presented him with a wheelchair made of Lego bricks.

The cat’s name is Mac. They called him Mac because he was seen in chess and pasta boxes in New York.

The kitten’s vet said it became fun to ride in this wheelchair. He’s so strong. He even got the energy to go one step at a time.

They examined him and even took x-rays. His diet is also good. The staff here love and take care of you.

The kitten is being cared for by one of the members of the clinic, who even decided to adopt it.

She and her husband will give the kitten the appropriate medication. The couple simply adores the kitten. The kitten is very cute and gentle.

Mac even has its own facebook page and has a huge fan following. We hope he will be fully healed soon.

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