2 MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Freeze Enemy/Unlocked Skins) 3.6.1 2 MOD APK information

menu mode

1. Kill everyone || Enemies continue to die automatically2. God of Death || You Can’t Die 3. Frozen Enemies || Enemies stop moving (they only glide in one direction)4. Unlock skins easily || Easier skins unlocking (fast stats boost)

Sometimes it’s just the small, simple details that make up interesting games. 2 is the clearest example of this. Can you imagine what the story of this game is? It’s not because 2 doesn’t have any story of its own. Just different colored dots running back and forth. So what is its allure? It is competition in a world where nothing seems to exist. You will demonstrate your ability to control your smart score. Occupy a vast territory and become a lord.

This time, the upgraded version of the first part, 2, offers players a more eye-catching 3D interface. The details are also clearly shown, the appearance is not superfluous. This is a game that entertains you when you are stressed or depressed. Due to its simple nature, it can be played anytime, anywhere. There is nothing complicated about the rules of the game. Stay in touch with these points for a long time. Even if you don’t know how to play, gradually you will realize the rules and master them.

Download 2 mod – control the dots for maximum territory

You act as a point, and in this game that’s all. With you are many other particles, scattered in various places. Your task is to create the widest possible territory to be able to lead. And other player’s equivalence points won’t let you do that. You can take over parts of other spots for further expansion. But the question is, how to do this? It’s very simple, it’s moving a dot on the smartphone screen in the direction of your finger. Where you put your finger, that point will move to that position.

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We will start with a very large point, which can be considered as our base. When the dot leaves the point, it will create a line that is lighter in color than the point if it moves anywhere. To make these lines your territory, go back to your base – your giant point. Instantly create an area of ​​the same color, making your base slightly larger. And so on until you have a huge base that no one can beat. 2 mod for free

take the enemy’s territory

Once you’re beyond the giant point, it’s the right time to further claim territory. Search for players whose location is closest to you. If they make a piece of art, get involved. Then you go back to your base and you can make their territory yours. Of course, if you can do it, others can too. As long as you let your guard down, they will try to take over your territory. That’s why as your base grows, keep an eye on your surroundings. Maybe we’ll run into something sneaky trying to stop your top spot. 2 mods

kill other players

It’s not just about taking territory but it’s also a survival game. If you are agile and skilled enough, you can break through the enemy base. When you return to your floor, their base will immediately disappear. Instead, it is part of your territory. It also means the other players lose. But all have more than one life to keep fighting. Therefore, only when the number of lives is zero, is it a natural ending. If your base is small, then beware of large areas of enemy territory. Worst case scenario, you could be devoured at any moment.

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climb to the top

There have been very tough and fierce battles for territory between various points. You are one of them, and if you want to express yourself, try to rise to the top. Create the most territories in range. Can snatch and take someone else’s share. Beware of dots that have similar intentions to yours. The leaderboard will show the name and color you’re wearing. Rest assured, because this game is not only about dull colors. It changes color when you are destroyed and starts over. The competition will be more interesting and the motivation to climb the leaderboard will be much greater. 2 is free

Just by moving the dots around to create territory, 2 still produces impressive levels of frenzy. It is because of its simplicity and speed that it becomes very addictive. Compete with many other players for control of your territory. Destroy the base of many sane people. Intelligence and reflexes are the two most important factors to create the success of 2 mod.

Download 2 MOD APK for Android (Menu, Divine Mode/Freeze Enemies/Unlock Outfits)

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