Our Flag Means Death: 10 Funniest Quotes From The HBO Show

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the HBO show “Our flag means death”.

HBO’s Thrilling First Season our flag means death Fans had memorable funny moments thanks to the goofy pirates and their crazy antics. These hilarious scenes are often accompanied by well-written lines that highlight the absurdity of the situation, the quirky personalities of the characters, etc.

By far, the funniest quotes on the show often perfectly capture the pirates’ reaction to the changes Captain Steed Bonnet has made. In fact, these lines are often spoken by the elegant pirate himself, as he finds himself in an awkward position adjusting to his new class.

Stede hood:

“Remember Cadence? If someone with a nervous breakdown comes back from a raid, we’ll discuss it in groups.”

Although Stede tries to be likable in Revenge, his efforts to show compassion and kindness — and his new way of doing business that mimics the company’s management — only make his team he is confused and upset. One of the earliest and most interesting signs of his strange management style occurred during a crew meeting, where he reminded them what to do if anyone “had a mental breakdown by what they witnessed” during the upcoming raid.

His taking into account their mental health was strange to pirates who were used to iron fists and ruthless villains. It is this conflict that often leads to broken guts and awkward situations between them.

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“Yes, cats are scary, everyone knows that because they’re witches with knives in their feet.”

Frenchie sat on the couch and wrote our flag means death

Frenchie definitely deserves more screen time on the show, as this underrated supporting character has an interesting story and a particular obsession with cats. For their flag contest, Frenchie decided to make his design scary by sewing a cat figure, because he assumed everyone knew “they have knives in their feet”.

There is another hint of his strange look at cats in a later scene when he reminds their British guests that “everyone knows cats are evil because they steal our breath.” children.” It’s a ridiculous plot that’s easy to overlook, but attentive viewers will probably laugh at it.

Stede hood:

“Yes, he’s a murderer. But he doesn’t kill with weapons, he kills with… kindness.”

Stede was not the bravest pirate of the bunch, as his life as a wealthy landowner had not adequately prepared him for the horrors he encountered at sea. However, as he emphasized in his conversation with Frenchie, he seemed to think he was the right fit for the job.

When it comes to famous pirates like Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, he puts his brand of “gentleman pirates” next to them, going as far as to declare that he is “the scariest of the bunch” surname number”. This helplessness, combined with the belief that he can kill people mercilessly, makes the whole situation comical.

Little John Feeney:

“What the hell is a ‘holiday’?”

Little John on the deck of The Revenge on Our Flag Means Death

When their ship runs aground on a deserted island, the crew of the Revenge find themselves in trouble. With nothing left to do but wait for the tides to change, Stede advised the pirates to “treat” “this” situation as some kind of holiday, which they all found baffling. John is inexplicable because, like the other pirates, he doesn’t know what a holiday is.

Stede’s hilarious moments and subsequent explanations further emphasize his difference from the rest, as the pirates have never had the privilege of spending time in leisure activities. .

Stede hood:

“Sell! Come, buy my loot!”

Captain Stede Bonnet waving our flag means death

Stede’s incompetence gets him and Lucius into trouble again in the Pirate Republic. In addition to going to dangerous places in bizarre clothes, Steed also tried to sell hostages by shouting so people could “check out the loot he was peddling”.

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The thieves, murderers and other criminals on the island are understandable. However, Stede doesn’t care or really care how people react to them, because he’s happy to be able to walk among the people on the island as if he were really one of them.

Blackbeard (Edward Teaches):

“Skin him first, then eat the snail with a fork.”

Blackbeard behind him considers our flag to mean death

Some of the funniest interactions between Stede and Blackbeard happen when they try to teach each other new skills. Unfortunately for Blackbeard, this meant learning to use some of the utensils needed for a gentleman’s meal.

Blackbeard’s scarier side is revealed when the hostage interrupts his class and calls him “the rich donkey”. He instructs Fang to “tie him to something very heavy” and “throw him into the sea”, but not before skinning him with a “snail fork”. It’s the pause between thinking about skinning him and using a very small farm implement, which makes the scene all the more interesting.


“Actually, I thought I was normal, but I decided to act like my lovely self.”

Lucius talks to Stede below deck in Our Flag Means Death

Lucius is one of the funniest pirates on the Revenge. His overconfidence and witty remarks quickly made him a fan favorite. A memorable scene occurs when Lucius meets Izzy, who mocks him and asks him if he finds himself cute.

Just as when Lucius popped a line in the middle of a tense exchange that also happened to capture his personality, this was predictably going to upset the already angry Izzy. Embarrassed laughter followed, making the whole scene even more comical.

Stede hood:

“You did it on purpose?”

Our flag means death Stede Bonnet wounded by the Spanish Navy

Stede made the fatal mistake of trusting Geraldo after sweetly telling the captain that they could sell hostages to the “Spanish Navy”. The innocent gentleman pirate even brought presents for their owners, reminding his crew that it was impolite not to do so.

He excitedly introduced himself to the experts on board, even claiming the world would “see the first trade of an elegant pirate” before climbing the ladder. His hilarious reaction to being stabbed by the man who lifted him up shows his inexperience and gullibility while also leading to a hilarious scene.

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Spanish Jackie:

“Well, I have bad news for you, Genital Pirates. I’m starting to produce a brand new nose mask.”

Spaniard Jackie holds a knife to Steed's nose in 'Our Flag Means Death'

Jackie has a strong personality and everyone knows not to tease her or the bridge of her nose. As Geraldo explains, Jackie has been collecting the longest noses for her nose jar – which he says is like one of her most valuable possessions.

Based on that situation, fans can understand how dire the situation was when Jackie Chan was desperate to find out who was responsible for blowing up his nose. She barely had time to understand Stede’s title, and got it wrong in the funniest way possible, as she was busy deciding how to cut off the “genital pirate”‘s nose.

Stede hood:

Blackbeard and Steed in our flag revenge means death.

Blackbeard was surprised at his vulnerability after being insulted by an English captain, and Steed saw it immediately. Stede pointed out that he couldn’t help noticing that the captain’s words about him being “a rich bastard” upset him, prompting Blackbeard to explain that “they sound polite.” , but harshly.”

Stede was serious when he taught Blackbeard about passive aggression, which he was used to in his previous life. Blackbeard’s answer completes a heartbreaking scene, and he seems genuinely impressed and embarrassed to say “this is so insidious.”

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