Optical illusion IQ test: How many arrows can you spot in 7 seconds?

Optical Illusion: Illusion is derived from the Latin verb illusion, which means mocking or deceiving. Optical illusions play with the human mind and are a great way to test your intelligence.

It’s a great way to show off your observing skills to friends and family, and a great source of fun for everyone.

Optical illusions give our brains an effective workout while temporarily relieving the stress of everyday life.

According to research, regular practice of optical illusion tasks can improve observation skills and increase attention span.

Are you ready to improve your brain health?

Let’s start.

Optical Illusion – How many arrows can you spot in 7 seconds?

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Optical illusions are one of the most basic ways to assess a person’s ability to observe and think critically.

Although it is considered a simple way to test your intelligence, there are more advanced methods.

If you want to know your true IQ level, professionally designed IQ tests are the best way to find out.

The image shared above shows a blue screen with black and white arrows on it.

As the title suggests, your challenge is to find how many arrows are in the picture in 7 seconds.

The task of finding all the arrows in the picture is a challenging task.

Only those with special powers of observation can spot all the arrows in 7 seconds.

Did you spot all the arrows?

Are not?

If you focus on the picture, you will soon be able to recognize all the arrows.

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Hurry up; the clock is ticking.





How many of you successfully detected all the arrows in the picture?

We believe that a number of individuals with excellent observational abilities have detected all the arrows.

A big round of applause to all of you!

Some of you may wonder how accurate the arrow in the picture is?

The answer is revealed below.

Check it out now!

How many arrows can you spot in 7 seconds – Solution

The total number of arrows in the picture is 10 and they are all marked in the image below.


How many have you realized?

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