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An exciting sim game continues. But this time we won’t get stuck in traffic or anywhere else. We will completely play the role of doctor and perform surgery on patients in the hospital. Operate Now: Hospital is considered one of the most detailed and realistic surgery simulation games of its kind. To get around this, let’s dive into different aspects of the game.

Operate Now: Hospital is a simulation game for building and managing a hospital. In this game you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real hospital. You are the chief physician and hospital director responsible for construction, infrastructure management, staff management, patient placement. Of course, the implementation of difficult cases is also difficult. Everything here is operated with one hand, so the hospital can operate without problems. At the same time learn how to handle situations that arise as soon as possible.

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The game opens with the scene of a catastrophic accident that has just happened. The victim was in critical condition with a very open wound to the same abdomen. The ambulance will transport him to your hospital and you will be the one to perform surgery on him to save his life. It seems extremely difficult, but the early game challenges are not too complicated. You will give first aid, perform surgery, clean and stitch the wound. The initial operation is not too complicated, so you can easily manipulate it successfully for him. This is the first step in developing the hospital. Handle more difficult cases in the future.

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This is just one of many exciting hospital experiences you can experience. Over 20 million downloads worldwide. Operate Now: Hospital has received very positive reviews for the way players experience the gameplay. Hospital management game with many key locations. In addition to these operations, very specialized techniques are required. Ideal for patients who want to experience the sensation of surgery for themselves.


build your own hospital

The game interface consists of a hospital with many floors, each floor has a different number of wards, depending on each floor. You will have to manage them as a director, as a leader. Commanding many departments such as operating room, intensive care unit for special patients, etc. Many places only need a skillful director to operate effectively. A more professional team of nurses and doctors has been appointed to make things go more smoothly. When everything works as expected, your hospital will grow and succeed.


Handling difficult surgery

Operations in Operation Now: Hospital gradually increase in difficulty as you progress in the game. From the simplest surgery to the most delicate, any moment you neglect can take a patient’s life. Heals broken bones, holes in the liver and lungs. You also have to deal with countless other complex diseases. Handle it calmly and resolutely to save the patient’s life. Improve your hospital’s skills and reputation with the wisdom of dedicated doctors like you.


Discover the story behind

This is not just a game about hospital management and patient treatment. Running Now: Hospitals also have stories behind them. You will get to know and make friends with the doctors and staff of the hospital. Learn about their problems and life in and out of the hospital. There will be extremely unexpected and scary hidden corners behind that. The game is like a book, allowing you to better understand the main characters. With their own stories, no one is the same.

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Combines beautiful graphic elements with realistic sound for every situation. Detailed surgery with very practical medical knowledge. The hospital management and operating system is clear, but it has certain complications. Operate Now: Hospital is a game worthy of those who love the genre of building and operating development machines. Accompanied by that is the dramatic and stressful 2nd surgery experience. Download the Action Now: Hospital mod and join the ranks of genius doctors!

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