Only 2% of people can find the answer. Find the missing letter in this tricky puzzle

If you are still looking for the answer to this puzzle, we have come up with the answer to this math puzzle.

Don’t scroll down to find the answer, just take a few minutes and analyze the question. We hope you can answer this quiz.

Otherwise, you are still struggling to find the answer to the puzzle. Apply the rules that appear after first determining the individual values ​​of the numbers you see to arrive at the solution to this puzzle.

How many of you have found the solution to this puzzle? Let’s see.

We have listed the answers below.


Missing letter = CODE

KJ = 0

MK = 1

dimension = 2

TP = 3

This mind game is a great way to test your math skills and readiness. The answer to the above puzzle is the correct way to solve this puzzle.

You need original thinking and creative thinking to tackle these teasing interests. There are many types of puzzles, including puzzles, picture puzzles, and logic puzzles.

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