Only 1% Intelligent People Can Spot The Mistake In The Bathroom Picture Within 7 Seconds!

If you spot that one BIG mistake in this bathroom picture, you definitely have a high IQ which means you are highly intelligent and smart. Take this puzzle challenge to find the fault and prove you are among the 1% highly attentive people.

picture puzzles that challenge you to find the fault can reveal your intelligence. These puzzles require you to use your observation skills, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills to identify the mistake in the picture. The ability to solve these puzzles accurately and quickly within the time limit is a sign of intelligence.

How Intelligent Are You? Find What Is Wrong With The Bathroom Picture In 7 Seconds!

There is a BIG mistake in this bathroom picture. How quickly can you spot it? A person with an average IQ took 27 seconds to find it. Can you beat the record and find the mistake within 7 seconds?

Carefully observe the details of the picture. You need to be able to identify the small details that are out of place or that don’t make sense.

Use critical thinking skills. Look for any inconsistencies or mistakes. Use your brain and common sense to see if you were using this bathroom then what could be the problem in this bathroom?

All the best! Your time to solve this bathroom puzzle starts in 3, 2, and 1 seconds! Start looking!

Do not worry! we have provided the answer below.

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Find The Mistake Puzzle Answer

Bravo! If you spotted the mistake in the bathroom picture within 7 seconds. However, if you are still wondering what is wrong with the bathroom image, see below. There is no drainage pipe.

brain teaser find the mistake answers

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