One-Punch Man’s Final Enemy Will Be Genos – Theory Explained

comic man one punch Telling the story of how Saitama’s unstoppable prowess tire him out and keep him on the lookout for a real foe that could pose a challenge – but what if that ultimate enemy side with him in Genos form?

One fan theory is that Saitama’s ultimate enemy might actually be Genos, the protégé cyborg he so desperately wants to learn about the secrets of his powers. While much of the evidence supporting this idea is circumstantial, it combines to paint a very different picture of Genos and his life than what fans have seen so far. Genos’s plot is powered solely by his own narrative, and due to the nature of his cyborg transformation, his memory of events is not necessarily reliable. The theory doesn’t even require Genos to lie, or be evil in any way – it’s just that he doesn’t know the truth.

Genos is on the hunt for “Mad Cyborg”, a rogue cyborg who destroyed his hometown and killed everyone but him. The theory is that Genos is actually the cyborg he’s been looking for, and he’s the sole survivor, as he was the perpetrator of the attack. After all, Mad Cyborg’s attack was due to a mistake in inserting his brain into a cyborg body, and by all signs, the only human part left of Genos is his brain. ta. For this to be true, Dr. Kuseno – who found the dying boy and turned him into a cyborg – had to lie about discovering Genos.

Genos crazy cyborg

The sequence of events will be that Dr. Kuseno builds a cyborg body and tries to put Genos’s brain in it. front Instead, after the village was destroyed, something went wrong during the transfer, causing Genos to wipe out everything around him. Kuseno is then able to blame himself for the disaster and create a past version of Genos that involves a third party, ensuring that he has no memory of the massacre.

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According to this theory, Kusenno’s warnings and warnings to Genos were not just a general concern of the father, but an attempt to prevent him from killing again. Kuseno sees Genos’ heroic career as an opportunity to repair the damage they caused in the first place and passively encourages it, while still fearing that Genos will lose control again. His nickname “Demon Cyborg” seems to allude to his ruthless nature when approaching enemies and how similar this might make him to his target.

Additionally, Genos’ Mad Cyborg’s quest for vengeance led him to seek power wherever he could find it, integrating parts from defeated enemies and obtaining modifications. increasingly scary. Currently, his physical form isn’t too dissimilar from that of an almost monstrous werewolf, with sleek black armor and spikes protruding from his arms. While buying parts from cyborgs and cyborgs may improve his abilities, it does come with some risks – what happens if the parts aren’t cleaned up completely? all the evil qualities of their former owners? After all, the process of monstrosity remains a mystery, especially when it comes to robotics and cybernetic creatures. Most likely some form of malevolent or evil energy was present in the shards he used to upgrade himself.

hidden evidence

Monster One Punch Man Genos

One of the most interesting pieces of evidence that Genos has finally turned into a monster is the original digital version of Chapter 86. Just as Dr. Genus of Evolution explained to Zombieman the idea of ​​humans turning into monsters. turned into a monster, so the contagion that could be seen was formerly a human monster. Which hides Genos’s face, obscured by the larger, more generic creature on the page (centre in the image above, below Fist Fight Djinn’s outstretched fists.) The page also states that Monsters Normalize made by “Outbreak of Negative Emotions” – If Genos knew he was Mad Cyborg, this would almost certainly happen.

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However, there are some arguments against this theory. Early in the comics, another cyborg/cyber hero, Drive Knight, tells Genos that Mad Cyborg has a connection with Metal Knight, another hero that operates entirely using remote-controlled drones and has a special interest in testing weapons. Of course, Drive Knight can always be completely wrong or confused; he also seems to be looking for this Mad Cyborg, and possibly going in the wrong direction. It is also possible that Drive Knight is lying, as a ploy to push Metal Knight to advance in hero politics. Drive Knight had a strong bond with Genos at one point, but failed to prove himself particularly trustworthy by abandoning a self-destructive Genos despite the risk to Blizzard, Bang, and a few other heroes.

For the distribution of Chapter 86, the control panel was changed when that chapter was printed, which was important for man one punch Because it will be released as a paperback. In the print version, Genos’ face has been completely removed from the console. While some believe it was a corrected mistake, others argue that it was a mistake because it foreshadowed too much of Genos’ ultimate fate and leaked the twist. If Genos’ quest for power causes him to absorb monster parts and become a monster himself, then only a hero can stop Genos before he destroys another town. : Saitama.

Saitama’s Final Trial

Saitama in One Punch Man

Saitama’s biggest opponent isn’t someone stronger than him, but what makes the fight difficult (and fun for Saitama) is that even in this case, Saitama doesn’t want to destroy Genos. They spent a lot of time together as friends so killing him even after he turned into a monster was unacceptable.

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Saitama’s challenge is to defeat Genos and the overwhelming power he wields, rather than simply vaporizing him like so many other great villains. The genius of this reveal is not only that it gives Genos’ quest for a cruel ironic twist, but it also turns the fan-favorite character into Saitama’s ultimate challenge. Saitama’s ultimate opponent is too strong man one punch Not someone who would challenge him physically, but – in Genos – someone he couldn’t kill.

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