One Piece Changes Devil Fruits Forever With One Huge Reveal

Warning: Spoiler for One Piece Chapter 1065 femaleThe game’s history has forever changed the way fans view Devil Fruits. Chapter 1065 of the manga is full of surprises and shocking discoveries, as the Straw Hat Pirates’ clash with Seraphim Cyborg unravels another mystery about Devil Fruits and their connection to the Great Kingdom.

Devil Fruit is one of the most unique features in the game female. They grant strange abilities to those who eat them, at the cost of losing the ability to swim. female world. Dr. Vegapunk, the greatest scientist alive, has been experimenting with Devil Fruits for years, mainly for military applications on behalf of the World Government. His latest creation, Seraphim Pacifista, is a powerful cyborg that combines the DNA of pirates formerly belonging to the seven lords of the seas and the DNA of a mysterious Lunarian race, and as it has just been revealed revealed, they also possess Devil Fruit powers.

During their adventure on Egghead Island, the Straw Hat Pirates are invited into Vegapunk’s main laboratory. In Chapter 1065 femaleHowever, they are greeted by a Jinbe-like creature, one of their companions, but in fact one of the new Seraphs. Attacking groups of cyborgs, he not only displays Jinbe’s incredible strength, stamina, and unique murloc karate skills, but he also possesses mystery of the year, a Devil Fruit eaten by Mr. Pink, an officer of the Don Quixote Pirates. After the startling revelation that most of Vegapunk’s discoveries actually come from studying a great kingdom that disappeared 900 years before the series began, the power revealed by Jinbe Seraphim opens a new world. A whole new perspective on Devil Fruits.

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Vegapunk’s experiments reveal the truth about Devil Fruits

Seraphim appear to be cybernetic enhanced clones obtained by mixing the DNA of Warlords and Lunarians. This doesn’t explain why one should have Senor Pink’s Devil Fruit unless the latter is killed and the World Government gets it. mystery of the year When it happens again, because it’s the only known way to transfer Devil Fruit abilities. However, considering that Pink is already a prisoner of the Marines, it’s likely that Vegapunk has found a way to replicate the Devil Fruit’s powers. The Devil Fruit works by altering the user’s DNA, this has been mentioned in the series but never detailed, so it can be taken as confirmation. Vegapunk is the only person in the world who has decoded the secret of the genetic code, which means that by cloning the DNA of Devil Fruit users, he can also replicate their powers, like he did with Kaido in the past. That attempt failed, but the strength of Jinbe Pacifista proved that the process was complete.

However, this is just the beginning. Revealing that the Great Kingdom is a technologically advanced civilization means that Devil Fruits could also be an extremely advanced technology, as fans have speculated for years. In this way, Vegapunk, as the number one master in the Great Realm, knew how to “implant” the Devil Fruit’s genetic code into a brand new clone, such as the Supreme Seraphim.

Years ago, Eiichiro Oda said that the truth about the Devil Fruit would be revealed when Vegapunk appeared, and he kept his promise. The Vegapunk Experiment Revelations and the Truth About The Great Kingdom Will Change female Always start by explaining everything the reader has always wanted to know about Devil Fruits.

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the latest chapter of female Available through Viz Media.

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