One Iconic Naruto Character is LGBTQ Officially Confirms Boruto

Although it may be surprising naruto basically no typical LGBTQ+ character, boruto changed that. Despite the potentially problematic choice, the sequel series confirms that the classic villain Orochimaru is indeed the versatile gender.

Orochimaru could easily be one of them naruto The most iconic villain ever. Throughout the original series, Orochimaru was obsessed with achieving immortality by swapping bodies with powerful ninjas. This most famously happened to Sasuke and Itachi, though the two brothers were in turn able to prevent their bodies from being taken over. Despite these notable setbacks, Orochimaru recovered from a number of deaths. Orochimaru really did it naruto live in spite of everything, and boruto Follow this up by introducing Orochimaru’s clone/son and a sage-mode ninja who’s cooler than Naruto’s Mitsuki.

exist boruto In Chapter 3.5, readers learn more about Mitsuki and his relationship with Orochimaru. After waking up in Orochimaru’s lab with his memory wiped clean, Mitsuki asked Orochimaru an important question; “Who are you? Mom or dad?” The former villain replied that the question didn’t matter. A similar scene in the anime goes a step further, where Orochimaru states that he is both a man and a woman, but that doesn’t matter. naruto Canon is commendable, and the fact that Orochimaru is more complicated due to the villain’s history.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Orochimaru is one of them narutoThe scariest villain ever. Unlike threats like Gaara, Paine or Obito, Orochimaru isn’t just a good person misled by severe trauma. Instead, Orochimaru was completely driven by arrogance and malice. His plan to steal the bodies of people like Sasuke and Itachi was horrible. Orochimaru is a villain with a lot of baggage, especially when it comes to queer encoding, so understandable if not binary naruto Fans aren’t really cheering for this part of the rep. On the other hand, despite the countless war crimes committed by Orochimaru, at that time borutoAlthough Orochimaru’s methods for getting Mitsuki to go his way are questionable, it’s clear that Orochimaru cares about his son and wants the best for him. The end result of all of this is a representatively mixed bag.

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Although some problems with making Orochimaru non-binary are inherent to what is known about the character. narutosome of its parts stem from the general lack of representation of the series. In a series with a diverse and rich cast narutoan unfortunate symptom of this era, as the only prominent gay character in the series is a former villain obsessed with stealing corpses. Fans of the series naruto can only hope boruto Introduce more gay ninjas with less history issues in the future.

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