Once Upon A Time: Why Tom Ellis’ Robin Hood Was Recast

Once upon a time Many characters from classic stories were introduced, including Robin Hood, who went through a post-debut reenactment – and that’s what happened. In 2011, the fantasy adventure TV series introduced the audience to a new perspective on the classic fairy tale Once upon a time, created by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. The series, which aired on ABC from 2011 to 2018, ended after seven seasons filled with magic, betrayal, heartbreak, and many beloved characters from different stories and lore.

Once upon a time Follow Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) as her son Henry Mills (Jared S. Gilmore) finds her after he was put up for adoption many years ago. Emma brings him back to his mother Regina (Lana Parrilla) who lives in Storybrooke Town, Maine. Emma decides to stay after Regina repeatedly warns her to stay away from Storybrooke and Henry, who quickly shares his theory that every Storybrooke resident is a fairy tale character. The audience soon learns that Henry is right and the townsfolk are both fairy-tale characters dragged into the real world and having their memories taken away by Regina, who actually used Rumpelstilt (Robert Carlyle), the poison queen. evil of a powerful dark curse. – Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

This tragic but amusing story makes Once upon a time Brings a variety of characters from different fairy tales to Storybrooke, although not quite the version that audiences know through books and some animated movies. These include Tom Ellis as Robin Hood, who made his debut in season 2 of the show, specifically in the episode “Lacey”. In it, Back in the Enchanted Forest, many years ago, Robin Hood broke into Rumplestiltskin’s castle and was about to steal the wand, but was caught by Rumple and Belle. Confident in his skills and magic bow, Robin tries to hurt Rapoor, but he is much smarter than he is and Rapoor locks him up. Belle then lets him go, and Rumple forces her to accompany him on the hunt for the thief. When they track him down, they learn that the wand was used to heal Robin’s sick and pregnant lover Marianne, and Belle convinces Rapo to let him go.

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Robin hood back Once upon a time Became a recurring character in episode 3 “The Heart of the Sincere Believer”, but he is no longer played by Tom Ellis. Instead, Sean Maguire took his place and played the role until Robin’s death in episode 5 “The Last Ride”. TV line In 2013, Adam Horowitz explained that Tom Ellis couldn’t return for Season 3 so Sean Maguire was brought in because Robin Hood (Robin Hood) had a repeat plan. At the time, Tom Ellis was part of the British sitcom Mirandawhere he played Gary Preston and had a small role in the British mystery film Poirot by Agatha Christieso it’s understandable that he can’t promise to stay in Once upon a time.

tom ellis continues to act in dramas lucifer As the main character, it was this role that made him famous. As for Sean Maguire, with Once upon a timehe played russell lightburn in the play 100 and Sir Effingham magicianIf Tom Ellis returns as Robin Hood, audiences will be less likely to see him solve cases as Lucifer Morningstar, so all is for the best for Tom Ellis and Sean Maguire.

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