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Wikipedia, biography of Omar Costella

Omar Costella Wikipedia, Biography – What did Chile say tonight? Two popular teams will compete in “Prime”, an animated series by Martna Cárcama, to find the answer most accepted by Chileans in order to win a prize of 1 million dollars which will go to an organization. charity. This time, teams of former members of the show Come to Me on channel 13 will compete against each other.

Wikipedia, Biography of Omar Costella

The “Zoolander” group, which includes former models Paola Falcone, Bernardo Borgeat, Mariel Aereboe and Omar Costella, and the “Regeneration 2000” group, which includes former members of “Generation 2000”, Carolina Oliva, Gonzalo Hevia, Francesca Cigna (“Blanquita Nieves”) and Marcela Leighton (“Coty”), will be divided into their groups.

Wikipedia about Omar Costella

“The 2000 generation and I haven’t spoken in 20 years; how good it is to see them again and catch up with them. Without a doubt, this will help revive long-lost relationships,” said Paola Falcone, who is delighted to be returning to television with the series.

“The last show I did on open TV was ‘El Tiempo’ on Mega, then the pandemic broke out and I think TV has changed a lot since then. The former model said, “I remember how it felt to open TV. , the feeling of belonging to a team that takes care of you, prepares everything for you and someone you trust, and all of that was so good to me and I miss it all.

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Wikipedia, Biography of Omar CostellaWikipedia, Biography of Omar Costella

“I remember that in 1994, when I was 17 years old, I went to casting with a friend and stayed for more than 10 years. The popularity of the ‘2000 generation’ was not something that I particularly noticed at the time. but what we’re producing on the vintage side is amazing; there are t-shirts and mugs with pictures of me reminiscent of the ’90s,” said the former dancer, who doesn’t rule it out. back to the media.

“I’ve always worked in sales because I’m a parent of four. However, now that the kids are older, I’ll be thinking about myself and I’m thinking about hosting a radio show.

The winning team will donate 2 million pesos to the Tacal Foundation, whose goal is to encourage employment for people with disabilities through education and training to influence cultural change and achieve inclusion in social work. festival.

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