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Alaskan survivor Oliver Hoogendorn was part of the first Alaska Native team to climb Denali in 13 days. But that’s just one of his feats.

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Oliver Hoogendorn in the race for survival in Alaska

After making history as the first Alaska Native team to climb Denali in 13 days, Oliver Hoogendorn, along with his brother Wilson, joined USA Network’s Alaska Survival Race and competed against seven other couples for a chance to win $500,000. . These teams participated in six intense races over 40 days without planes, trains or cars to help them get around. In fact, they had to endure over 100 miles of inhospitable and previously unexplored terrain on their own legs with only what they could carry.

That meant Oliver had to use his primitive survival skills to get his own food, water, and shelter. Plus, being on Alaska’s dangerous coast, marked by vast mountain ranges, ancient glaciers, sweltering rainforests, and menacing wildlife, certainly didn’t make things any easier.

However, the game was not that new to Oliver due to his abilities in the wild and his feats of endurance. In addition to climbing Denali, Oliver also skied down North America’s highest peak in one day and has been hunting moose, seals and whales for years using traditional methods, tools and weapons carved from wood and ivory.

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Joining Oliver and Wilson in the first season of Race to Survive Alaska are their co-stars Jeff and Hunter Leininger (father and son duo), Robin Moore and Elizabeth Killham (friends and adventurers), Brett Gatten and Esther Sanderlin (Alaska Hunters). , Max Djenohan and Christian Junkar (reality star and friends), and Cason and Bella Crane (siblings).

Oliver Hoogendorn Age

Oliver Hoogendorn was 25 years old when he appeared in the 2023 Alaskan Run for Survival.

Who are Oliver Hoogendorn’s parents?

Oliver Hoogendorn was born to his parents, Brenna Mae Outwater and Homer W Hoogendorn. They turned 46 and 47 years old in 2022, respectively.

His mother, Brenna, worked as an executive administrative assistant at KAWERAK INC. In addition, she was an Administrative Specialist III at Norton Sound Health Corporation. Find her on FB @Brenna1976 and IG @brenna_mae_bo_jayne.

In terms of siblings, Oliver has three siblings. One of them is Wilson, his colleague from Race for Survival in Alaska.

Wilson is 2 years younger than Oliver. He likes to ride a bike and go on adventures. But while Oliver likes to fish, Wilson likes to dive underwater for gold.

Speaking of grandparents, her maternal grandfather, Ronald Parker, passed away on March 14, 2011 at the age of 67. He was in the US Navy, and after he retired he painted houses for a living. Also, he was a very talented person and helped many people throughout his life.

On the other hand, his maternal grandmother Martha Outwater-Parker (a graduate of UAF – Northwest Campus) was alive and well at the age of 67 in 2023.

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Unfortunately, her paternal grandparents, William “Billy” and Lena Hoogendorn, are also long passed away. His grandfather Billy worked various jobs on the Kougarok until he was drafted into the US Army during World War II. But he insisted on doing his military service in Nome and enlisting in the infantry. After retirement, he became the owner of a tool shop and worked for the USSR Mining Co. in Nome and for the Army Corps of Engineers.

Oliver Hoogendorn’s business

Oliver Hoogendorn is a man of many talents. He is a biologist, fisherman, basketball player, wrestler and much more. In general, he is an adventurer who spent his days mainly fishing (commercially).

Regarding her education, she graduated from Nome Beltz High School in 2015 and joined Fort Lewis College in 2016.

At Nome Beltz High School, Oliver competed in cross country, wrestling, and basketball for the Nanooks. In 2015, he was also named Student Athlete of the Year. In all, he remained captain of the wrestling team three times, captained the wrestling team for two years, won third place in the state wrestling tournament in 2013, became runner-up in wrestling in 2014, and MVP of the JV basketball. equipment.

And at Fort Lewis College, he competed in three meets and the RMAC Open Race.

Trivia: Oliver’s favorite dish is boiled salmon and potatoes with seal oil. His favorite TV series is The Office and his favorite actor is Rainn Wilson.

Is Oliver Hoogendorn on Instagram?

As of April 2023, find him on Instagram @the_hoog with 1900 followers.

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Also, here is his Facebook @oliver.hoogendorn.

Oliver Hoogendorn’s girlfriend

Oliver Hoogendorn did not have a girlfriend in 2023. Or so his relationship status on FB said at the time.

So as far as we know, he could also have secret relationships.

  • When is Oliver Hoogendorn’s birthday?

Oliver receives birthday wishes on July 7 and belongs to the zodiac sign Cancer.

  • Where is Oliver Hoogendorn from?

Oliver comes from Nome, Alaska. He stayed there from 2023.

  • How tall is Oliver Hoogendorn?

He is 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) tall.

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