Norman Thavaud Was Arrested In Paris On Assault Charges

Norman Thavaud, a French YouTuber with more than 12 million subscribers, has been detained on suspicion of assault. The comedian was arrested on Monday, December 5, 2022 and will be questioned after being suspected of petty corruption and criminal offenses against him. The Paris Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the situation.

Thavaud, 35, creates comedy shorts for the Norman fait des vidéos channel. It is one of the most popular content providers in France, with more than 2.5 billion cumulative views. He appears to be dating Martha Gambet, another French celebrity.

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Norman Thavaud “encouraged” a 16-year-old girl to send him inappropriate messages and pictures.

According to the French newspaper Libération, Norman Thavaud, a famous French YouTuber, was arrested following a preliminary investigation by the Paris prosecutors. He is being investigated for alleged corruption against several minors and abusing young girls and women, some of whom are his followers. Although the charges against him date back to 2018, the first charges against Norman Thavaud were filed in 2020.

The YouTuber allegedly “encouraged” the 16-year-old boy to send him obscene messages and images. The accuser is from Quebec, Canada, and posted a screenshot of their alleged conversation on her Instagram account. She said Thavaud used Snapchat to solicit photos of her when she was still a minor. After filing a lawsuit in the summer of 2020, she first shared the footage on the Urbania website. She said her vulnerability and admiration got her into his “game”.

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She stated:

“He was playing an unhealthy emotional connection game. I was young, I idolized him and it was easy to be fooled. Our virtual relationship quickly turned into flirting.”

She claims to have been in a virtual relationship with the French woman for nine months, but what started as a benign flirt quickly turned into a more adventurous conversation. Furthermore, his photo requirements are becoming more and more “consistent and rigorous”.

She continued:

From there, things got more complicated, he became more aggressive and demanding. He said the right thing at the right time; As soon as I left, he caught up with me.”

According to the girl, it took her a long time to realize that their “relationship” was toxic and unhealthy. She added that she loves him and believes everything he says as she creates believable images based on his behavior online.

Norman Thavaud

Following her accusations, 30 other women and girls who had similar encounters with Norman Thavaud came forward. Along with her, four other women were questioned in court, all of whom are believed to have been arrested. At that time, the two girls were still teenagers. Thavaud has yet to issue a statement.

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