Normal People: 10 Most Memorable Quotes From The Show

In episode 12 of the drama ordinary peopleAdapted from the book of the same name by Sally Rooney, the film has many poignant, haunting moments. Produced by Element Pictures for Hulu and BBC Three, ordinary people Set in Ireland, it captures the essence of youth and love, but fails to properly communicate with your loved ones. It’s modern, fresh, and depicts the love story of Marianne and Cornell in a very original way.

Viewers and critics of the series streaming on Hulu loved the show, with mostly positive reviews. If that’s not enough of a reason to watch ordinary peopleHere are some of the series’ most memorable quotes that serve as snapshots of what true love, joy and pain can be.

“I didn’t know that my vision was within the jurisdiction of the school rules.”

Anyone who has ever been blamed by a teacher for not paying attention in class will have a lot to do with this quote from Marianne. From the very first episode of the show, with this simple statement, the hosts were able to help the audience understand who Marianne is.

She’s the type of girl who says what most people think but would never say it out loud. Her comment doesn’t impress her classmates or teachers, but viewers will be able to empathize with it.

“You always know what you’re thinking. I’m not.”

Cornell is a shy guy who never talks in class. He put his head down and did his job. He has an opinion, but he’s not sure what he thinks or feels. In that sense, he was confused.

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In contrast, Marianne seems to be outspoken about what she feels and wants. Or at least Cornell thinks so. The truth is that none of the characters represent themselves properly and there is a lot of miscommunication and omission of each other’s intentions and needs. However, Cornell was more confused, especially because he chose to clarify this way.

“I’ll never pretend I don’t know you, Cornell.”

By the third episode, the dynamic between Cornell and Marianne becomes very apparent. It’s clear that Cornell has the upper hand in their relationship, and through secrecy, he makes sure people don’t know he’s with someone they consider an outcast. At first, this didn’t bother Marian because she didn’t understand what it meant, but gradually she did. Even after they said “I love you” to each other, Cornell ignored her at school.

Worst of all, Cornell didn’t invite her to Debs. Through this line, the audience understands that Marianne is never afraid to be seen with Cornell. This became apparent when they entered college, and although Cornell was unpopular, Marianne continued to hang out with him.

“I’ll lie here and you can do whatever you want with me.”

Marian is extremely dependent on Cornell’s love for her because she is extremely insecure and constantly worried. What Cornell took for granted and obvious worried Marianne deeply. Both know the dynamic power that exists between them.

With this sentence, Marian made it clear what audiences will understand best—she would do anything for Cornell. The power that Cornell has over her is mentioned and demonstrated many times throughout the show. It was when Cornell began to acknowledge that strength that he was able to do better for both of them.

“I think I can tell you.”

Cornell and Marianne’s cheeky joke when they meet again in college in the fourth episode has a lot of fun. Cornell says he and Rachel don’t get along, and Marianne quips that she could have told him.

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At different stages, they both say the same things to show how much they understand each other better than most people. There seems to be an almost “telepathic” connection between them. But the tragedy of their love story is that they can never really use that to their advantage.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s normal?” “It can’t.”

Cornell’s delusions can be described as his compulsive needs being “normal” and perceived as “normal”. This became the reason he broke up with Marianne on various occasions, continued to date people he thought were “normal” and would have a “normal” relationship. Perhaps that was why, at this point, it was normal for him to try to reason that he could understand Marianne’s thoughts. Marianne astutely points out that this is not the case.

After this point, realizing the complexity of being with Marianne, his quest to find “normal” people and relationships becomes even more intriguing.

“They actually come in to discuss a book they haven’t even read, and then they talk about it with confidence.”

Cornell and Marian embrace at Common People's Bar

When Marianne talks to Cornell about his classes, college students can identify with what Cornell has to say here. He talks about how students, especially those from affluent urban areas, can speak with complete confidence because they have the correct vocabulary to speak.

Coming from the countryside and working class, Cornell never felt confident speaking like that, even though he studied harder than most students and took the time to read the papers. assigned in class. This simple distinction between different types of students is best expressed in this sentence alone.

“I can’t relate this life to the next. It doesn’t fit.”

Cornell was popular at school and popular in the town where he came from. But in a big city at a big university, he really has trouble fitting in. He wasn’t born into a rich family like most college boys. He doesn’t participate in clubs and communities and doesn’t get along well with people who seem very different from those he knows.

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Cornell struggled to reconcile who he was in college with who he was at school. The feeling of belonging, of integration, of the difficulty of living seemingly two different lives, are captured perfectly here.

“I don’t think clearly what you want.”

Marianne and Cornell have this dialogue, and the implications are clear to the audience. They’re perfect for each other, they’re perfect for each other, both are exactly what the other wants. However, simple things prevent them from getting along. Sometimes it is necessary to clarify things that seem obvious because others may not understand.

This expression seems to be something missing in their perfect relationship. The lack of clarity on simple things is funny because both are people who talk about so many other things.

“I think we just misunderstood each other.”

in heart ordinary people It’s two characters who understand each other better than most people can understand each other. However, these two misunderstood the simplest things about each other.

The contradictory nature of their relationship can best be understood through this simple statement. They can telepathically know what is best for each other and can almost read each other’s minds, trivialized by a simple misunderstanding between them. That’s probably why they are “ordinary people” too.

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