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Noah Del Monte is the star of the Netflix series Jewish Matchmaking who went into the series trusting the show’s experts and happily ever after. In this biography, we explore his work, family, age, and more.

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Jewish Matchmaker: Are Noah Del Monte And Tav Still Together?

The first match Noah played was against Alyssa Lezerrovica. They tried to meet by going to the seashore, but they were unsuccessful. With Alyssa, Noah didn’t feel the connection and saw two major warning signs. Since he doesn’t believe that animals should suffer, Alyssa admitted that she has been trying to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Later, Alyssa mentioned that she had two cats and Noah talked about his dog.

In the confessional, Noah admitted that his initial impression of Alyssa was that she was shy, but also incredibly charming and beautiful. But Noah later clarified that there are two main warning signs. One was that she was a vegan and the other was that she had two cats, according to Noah.

After that, Noah meets Gabriela Smookler, but he thinks that she’s not perfect for him either. Noah said: “I come from a medical background and am very interested in science, all my family. So if she doesn’t believe in conventional medicine, I see that as a problem and I don’t think she could bring someone like that home to my parents.”

After Alyssa and Gabriela’s failure, Noah called off the matchup for the third time. Tav and Noah went on a date after Aleeza married them. Fortunately, the third attempt turned out to be the charm. After her first date with Tav, Noah commented, “I’m really interested in going on another date with her. It was fun and I’ve always said dating should be more like hanging out with a friend than anything else.”

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Noah went on to say that he connected with Tava. In order to learn more about each other, the two went on another date. Tav shared Tav’s opinion of Noah. However, since Tav is from Arizona and Noah lives in Israel, if they were to continue thinking about a relationship, they would have to do it separately.

Despite not sharing any photos of Tav with his followers on social media, Noah followed her on Instagram, suggesting that they have been together for at least a few months.

Noah Del Monte on Jewish matchmaking

A possible spin-off of Indian Matchmaking, Jewish Matchmaking debuted its first season on Netflix. In it, a matchmaker and coach meets singles from Israel and the United States who are looking for her bashert, that is, her soul mate. Similar to Indian matchmaking, Jewish culture has the practice of using shidduch, a centuries-old method of marriage matchmaking, to discover lasting love in today’s happy-go-lucky world.

Aleeza Ben Shalom has an extremely successful track record of helping over 200 couples with her simple, modern approach to traditional practice.

“I knew matchmaking existed, but I thought it was an old thing that bubbies would do in Yentl or Fiddler on the Roof,” says Aleeza Tudumu. “But the more I learned and the more I got into the community, the more I realized that this exists in the real world and that lots of people do it: men, women, rabbis, and everyday people who are into real, modern matchmaking. I said, ‘Oh, well, this is really fascinating.’ This is the most important job in the whole world for me.”

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One of the singles ready to settle down is Noah. Noah views his Judaism as “traditional” and seeks a partner who has similar values. “I want my children to grow up with the same Jewish traditions and culture that I grew up with,” he says. As for his future wife, Noah is keeping his options open, because “I wouldn’t rule out a couple who convert to Judaism.”

In the teaser for the series, Noah could be seen telling a teammate that he met a girl who has two red flags: a cat and a vegan.

After the series premiered, Noah appeared in a television interview. He shared why he wanted to be on the show.

Noah shared the dating challenges right now. Since not everything has worked out so far, she joined the reality show for expert advice. As for what he got out of the show, one of the pieces of advice the coach gave him was “It doesn’t have to be love at first sight.”

She also explained that her half-Italian background did not allow her to date a vegan because she grew up on a non-vegan diet. And as for the cat, he is a dog man with a Belgian shepherd.

Noah Del Monte’s work

Noah currently works as an account manager at Dealtale, a VIANAI company. He started his current job in June 2022.

According to his LinkedIn, Noah started as a sales manager at Selfienator in 2015. After two years with the company, he worked at Yarzin-Sella as a food and event manager. From 2015 to 2021, while in Rome, Noah worked at RomaNight as a Public Relations Manager.

In 2020, Noah founded the Manta X ESports company, which he ran until October 2021. From October 2021 to June 2022, he worked for Junor Journey prior to his current job.

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Noah attended the University of Rome Tor Vergata from 2018 to 2021. Noah decided to enlist in the Israeli army before graduating in Rome, where friends say he was the “king of nightlife.”

How Much Is Noah Del Monte Net Worth?

Noah Del Monte’s net worth is under $250,000.

The age of Noah Del Monte

Born before 1995, Noah is at least 27 years old as of 2023.

The Noah Del Monte family

Starting with ethnicity, Noah is half Austrian and half Italian.

The only member of the family that Noah has featured on his social media is his sister Hannah Del Monte. Hannah is on Instagram (@hannah.delmonte), which is currently private.

Noah Del Monte Height

Noah Del Monte’s height is over 5 feet 10 inches.

  • When is Noah Del Monte’s birthday?

Unfortunately, Noah Del Monte’s birthday is currently unavailable on his social media.

  • Where is Noah Del Monte from?

Noah Del Monte’s current residence is in Tel Aviv, Israel. He moved to Tel Aviv in July 2017. Noah grew up in Italy.

  • Is Noah Del Monte on Instagram?

Yes, Noah is on Instagram (@noahdelmonte48) and Facebook (@noahdelmonte).

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