No, Adam Sandler’s Netflix Movies Aren’t Bad – They Perfectly Fit His Career

Though Adam Sandler’s Netflix movies are often considered among his worst efforts, they actually represent the perfect microcosm of his underrated career. Adam Sandler has enjoyed one of the most successful careers of any comedian in Hollywood, tapping into a formula that has repeatedly ensured consistent success despite the routine critical panning of his movies. After getting his big break on Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler’s career took off with his hugely popular leading roles in Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore.

After his resounding success in the ’90s, Sandler has consistently delivered comedies that largely stick to a specific formula. Though Adam Sandler’s career habits have made him a target for critics and have also earned him a vocal contingent of detractors, his popularity speaks for itself, and the actor has gone from strength to strength. Sandler’s deal to make movies exclusively for Netflix saw his net worth balloon to an estimated $420 million, evidencing the accessibility of his movies and general audiences’ willingness to enjoy them.

Though Adam Sandler’s Netflix movies are considered bad, they actually represent his career as a whole. As such, they showcase the reason for his continued success. In the movies made exclusively for the streaming platform, Sandler has delivered a balanced mix of genres and explored an interesting variety of stories, drawing parallels with the earlier stages of his movie career through the late ’90s and early ’00s. By delivering a broad spectrum of content designed to appeal to as varied an audience as possible, Sandler’s Netflix movies actually prove exactly how he achieved such colossal career success, and they do so by subtly recreating the movie pattern that made him famous.

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Adam Sandler’s Netflix Deal Has Actually Improved His Career

Although many consider the actor’s movies to be predominantly sub-par, Adam Sandler’s career is vastly underrated – and his Netflix movies prove it. In his Netflix exclusives, Sandler has revisited the same juvenile comedy he’s best known for with The Ridiculous Six and Hubie Halloween, but he’s also ventured into more serious drama with Hustle and The Meyerowitz Stories. He has made efforts to explore more high-concept action comedies with the likes of The Do-Over and Murder Mystery, and he’s set to make another more serious sci-fi movie with Spaceman. The variety on display in Sandler’s Netflix offerings matches the broad spectrum of genres covered by his earlier career, but the selection of movies also subtly proves the way that Adam Sandler has improved over the years.

When Adam Sandler’s Netflix movies are considered as a whole, they are on average of much better quality than his average ’00s comedies. Adam Sandler found success despite many bad movies during the ’00s, but his Netflix movies have – on the whole – been of more consistent quality than his previous efforts. Although they may not all have been critically praised, the ratio of well-received movies to bad ones is far better than it once was, meaning that his Netflix catalog shows a marked improvement in his career.

As his Netflix movies stick largely to the same formula as the movies that made him famous, Sandler has retained the air of consistency that has contributed to his popularity. However, when examined more closely, Adam Sandler’s Netflix movies prove the depth of his talent, especially as he seems to have become better at choosing his projects more carefully. Although Adam Sandler’s reputation still has a long way to go before he gets the recognition he deserves, his collection of exclusive Netflix movies quietly proves his career progression.

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