Netizens Support Mads Lewis As She Responds To Tayler Holder Charges

The story of Tayler Holder seems to have no end as TikToker Mads Lewis has released new information and allegations against him. After many people began to believe that Mads Lewis was the victim of Taylor’s “s*x**l attack”, she finally spoke out about the allegations. Lewis discussed the allegations on a recent episode of the BFF podcast with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards and Bri Chickenfry. Fans have rallied around Mads Lewis since the podcast launched on YouTube. One commenter also begged for Mads’ return, saying:

“Put Mads back on the podcast next week!” She has to tell her story!

. @mads_lewis speak @BryceHall about tayler keeper

– Best friends (@BFFsPod) September 14, 2022

Netizens rallied to defend Mads Lewis as she spoke out about the allegations against Taylor Holder.

In the episode, Mads discussed Charly Jordan, an influencer who has had an on-and-off relationship with Tayler. Mads expressed confusion over Jordan’s reunion with Holder after what happened last year. Mads Lewis also implied that she was the victim of Holder’s sh*x**l attack and stated that she thinks all of Tayler’s allegations are true. She stated:

“I would say that if I say anything on social media, I’m telling the truth.”

When Portnoy asked if that meant all of her allegations against Holder were true, Lewis said, “certainly.” She also said Holder didn’t send her a “termination and discontinuance” letter. Mad commented:

“Moreover, when there is only one individual and there is a ‘victim’, you cannot email or text the victim to stop and cancel. You are not allowed to do that. Therefore, I am simply stating that I did not receive a termination and cancellation letter.”

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Fans started supporting Lewis on social media shortly after the show aired. Some speculated that she was one of the influencers Tayler Holder attacked, with one Twitter user writing:

“I was thinking about Mads Lewis, but something happened to her and she basically told us that Tayler Holder SA’d her.”

At the same time, the podcast comment area on YouTube is filled with love and support for Mads. Tayler Holder has faced backlash over a number of allegations against him. To make matters worse, Daniel Keemstar, host of YouTube Drama Alert, said that sources had made “horrific” allegations against Holder.


He declared:

“According to a reliable source, Tayler Holder will face serious lawsuits from many alleged victims.” The #DramaAlert team is currently gathering information. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be tweeting as much at this point. However, Taylor admits that the lawsuits are aimed at the BFF.

Although Tayler said on an episode of the BFF podcast that he was dealing with the situation offline, he did not deny any of the allegations.

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