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You can play the game without a Netflix account.

NETFLIX Into the Breach is released on mobile by publisher Netflix to satisfy fans of this series. It’s a series of indie strategy games old and new, but old and new. Set in the distant future, where humanity has reached a high level of development, but has problems with an army of evil robots. They came to earth from a distant planet and took the earth as their own. This army of alien robots is called Vek. They are opposed by the Mech, an elite force of heroes from Earth. They are equipped with a range of the most modern mass weapons to ensure the safety of the Earthlings.

The plot of NETFLIX Into the Breach is quite simple, with white dialogue brought to the screen. Just follow these talking lines, fighting styles to understand what you need to accomplish. Because the Mech Army lacks a leader to lead them on an effective path. Gather this army of mechanics and arrange battles. Capable of destroying enemy defenses and attacks. Because NETFLIX Into the Breach is developed on the mobile side compared to the PC version, the gameplay and operation are almost the same. Battles take place on a square plot of land, similar to a chessboard with 64 squares.

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DOWNLOAD NETFLIX Into the Breach mod – Tessellated Battlefield Between Mech Army and Alien Vek

Initially, the player can choose 3 robots from among the heroes in his army. The main goal here is to protect the base in the center of the screen. Because combat is turn-based. So at the end of each turn, the Vek will move around the chessboard to create its position. You also have to look at the terrain advantage. Military Movement Vic is considering the deployment of a new formation. Arrange your three robots to bring out their full potential. Stop them from destroying the headquarters building and destroy all the Veks before the battle is over. An army of robots will move each block horizontally and vertically.

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robot army

NETFLIX Into the Breach gives players an army of 18 different robots. Each one has different combat stats, defense abilities, and combat skills. The moss green tanks are equipped with scopes that fire huge bullets. A gray-blue robot with improved guns and a spark-shooting mini-helicopter. The orange hooded robot and purple pet robot only have sharp eyes. Quadruple support mechas include rocket mech, siege mech and triple mechas…with three warheads, rocket launchers, two sights and eight electric warheads…

NETFLIX Go to Violation mod

different challenges

NETFLIX Into the Breach features four different islands representing four battlefields with extreme conditions. Mountain Island, Snow Island, Desert Island, Rock Island. Players need to explore and complete island missions before starting the next mission. Forest, Snow, Sand and Rock in that order. Each island contains different missions to increase the player’s chances of receiving gifts and rewards. Forest Island is surrounded by high mountains. Interspersed are constructions such as apartments. Yellow doors attract Veks.

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NETFLIX Go to the offending mod apk

Vek alien army

When it comes to the diversity of robot armies, it is impossible to forget the abundance of Vek’s alien army. They are a collection of damaged mutant robots, with faulty parts. After being thrown into the destructive space by the future humans. Somehow, they were overcome, and the more bloodthirsty ones fought back. These animals often have a peculiar appearance that is a patchwork of other animals. An eight-legged spider with the head of a yellow-eyed bee. Or a scorpion with eight gray legs. The green spider contains poison that paralyzes the army of mech robots.

NETFLIX Into the Breach apk free

Especially if the player has difficulty in fighting the Vek army, do not be discouraged and give up. Send a message for help to a past timeline. So, what is the timeline of receiving messages and signals? They will soon send an army of advanced robots to the future to assist you. Hit the Vek army headquarters research area. You will meet oligarchs who survive on the energy their soldiers find. Just a flashing green version of the AI ​​image. Download the NETFLIX Into the Breach mod and explore the future of planet defense.

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