Necromancer Arena MOD APK (Menu/High DMG/Dumb enemy/Gold multiplier) 1.0.86

APK information of Necromancer Arena MOD

* Restart the game to restore the effect

Necromancer Arena is a role-playing game set in a mystical and magical world. Play as a talented wizard hero capable of summoning the Mist as a soldier in your army. A young but experienced man leads an army of white bones. Use all their power to fight against the evil army that is ravaging your farm. A large field was littered with fallen tree branches. Goblins, monsters are running around here. Players control the character to use weapons to destroy the entire army. Each dead animal will turn into a pile of coins and gems for you to pick up.

In the upper right corner of the screen, there are circles with images representing your restored character. Whenever the player clicks on a character, these animals will appear and attack with you. The number of animals is written on one side of this circle. After placing one on the field, the player needs to wait for the circle with that shape to summon the next one. Track the blue health bars above the heads of your army characters to see how much time is left. In particular, there is a diamond-shaped gray rock, inside which hangs a blue gem. Break it to earn more coins.

Download Necromancer Arena mod – become a talented mage and summon an army of zombies and undead to serve you

After killing all enemies with rare stones, the player goes to the end of the path. Advance through the cosmic black hole to the next war zone. Enemy goblins and monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Some are green mounds. Mushroom wears a chubby green hat. Next to the circle, represents the soldiers you have collected. There is also a specific combat skill circle. Also, the higher the level, the more new blocks the player can unlock. From there, improve your skills and collect other soldiers. Makes fighting easier.

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monster army

As mentioned above, players need to collect an army of zombies to serve them. They can be purchased with coins, gold and gems or collected after great victories. Necromancer Arena offers a treasure trove of zombies filled with special abilities. They also have an extremely striking look that deserves attention. A skeleton wearing iron armor, wielding a long sword and a powerful shield. Or blue flames with red eyes. There was a whole squad of cavalry wearing masks and red cloaks. Behind it is a red icon that has been following me.

Necromancer Arena Apk


Players can choose to summon multiple armies, or split the army in half, with the other half bringing troops with special skills. Because if you bring troops, you can only kill normally. It was very difficult to resist the goblin attack there. The collection of special skills that players can use is also extremely rich. The power vortex skill sucked the goblins in, and the fire rain skill caused huge fireballs to fall from the sky. Or create a layer of spherical light to protect the skills of each member of your army.

Necromancer Arena mod apk

character equipment

You can only overcome the initial easy obstacles if you let such a character lead you into battle. Until more difficult levels, encounter a powerful boss. It’s impossible to defeat them with just basic skills. Therefore, the player can equip more items to increase the player’s strength. Each included weapon can increase attack, defense, speed, accuracy. Colorful gold rings, bracelets and necklaces have regal designs. Or change into special armor to resist attacks. Equip the character with a variety of expensive weapons.

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Necromancer Arena Mod

Battles in the Necromancer Arena take place in many different locations. Each position has certain advantages and disadvantages for the player. A forest dotted with cottages. Or paint a desert covered in heat with hot orange. The cave area is a giant stone slab. The surrounding is a dark gray color. The entire ice rink is covered with a thick layer of snow. Players can pay attention to the selection of skills suitable for each climate. Download the Necromancer Arena mod to summon zombies to stand up against the evil youkai.

Download Necromancer Arena MOD APK for Android (Menu/High DMG/Stupid Enemies/Gold Multiplier)

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