NBA Teams: Test Your Knowledge with this LA Laker Quiz!

P1. Who is the Los Angeles Lakers all-time top scorer?

  1. Johnson magic
  2. Shaquille O’Neal
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Answer: c

Explanation: The late Kobe Bryant remained loyal to his team throughout his 20-year career and while he may not be the all-time top scorer, he is certainly top scorer for his team with 33,643 points.

Q2. How many championships have the Lakers won in their history?

  1. 14B
  2. 16
  3. 18
  4. 20

Answer: b

Explanation: The Los Angeles Lakers have won 17 NBA championships, with the Boston Celtics winning the most championships in NBA history. They won their first championship in 1949 and their last in 2020.

Q3. Who is the current head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers?

  1. Phil Jackson
  2. Tyron Lue
  3. Frank Vogel
  4. Darwin ham


Explanation: The current head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers is Darwin Ham. He was hired on May 28, 2022, after the Lakers fired Frank Vogel on April 11, 2022. Ham is a former NBA player who played for the Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets and Milwaukee Bucks. He’s been an assistant coach in the NBA since 2011, and four seasons ago he was an assistant coach with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Q4. Which Lakers player has won the 2020 NBA MVP award?

  1. LeBron James
  2. Anthony Davis
  3. Dwight Howard
  4. Kyle Kuzma

Answer: one

Explanation: Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James won the 2020 NBA MVP award. He’s averaging 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds and 8.5 assists per game during the regular season. , making the Lakers the top seed at the Western Conference. James was also named the MVP of the finals after the Lakers beat the Miami Heat in the NBA finals.

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P5. Who is the Lakers’ biggest support leader?

  1. Johnson magic
  2. Kobe Bryant
  3. Jerry West
  4. Steve Nash


Explanation: Magic Johnson is the Lakers’ all-time assist leader, with 10,141 career assists. Magic Johnson played for the Lakers from 1979 to 1991 and again in 1996. He is a five-time NBA champion, three-time NBA Finals MVP and nine-time NBA All-Star. Johnson is a dominant player known for his passing, on-field vision and leadership.

P6. What is the name of the Lakers’ home ground?

  1. staples center
  2. Oracle Arena
  3. Arena
  4. unity center

Answer: c

Explanation: The Lakers play their home games at Arena in downtown Los Angeles. It is located next to the Los Angeles Convention Center complex along Figueroa Street and serves as a major development. The arena was first used on October 17, 1999. Staples Center was its former name until purchased the naming rights in December 2021.

P7. Which Lakers player has the most NBA Finals MVP awards?

  1. Johnson magic
  2. Shaquille O’Neal
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. LeBron James

Answer: who c.

Explanation: Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson share the record for the most career NBA Finals MVP wins with three each. O’Neal won three awards in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Johnson won the award in 1980, 1982 and 1987. Both players are considered two of the greatest Lakers ever. All Time.

P8. Who is the Lakers’ all-time recovery leader?

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  2. Shaquille O’Neal
  3. Withered Chamberlain
  4. Elgin Baylor


Explanation: Elgin Baylor is the Lakers’ all-time recovery leader, with 11,463 in his Lakers career. He played for the Lakers from 1958 to 1971, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest players in NBA history. He’s a 10-time All-Star, 11-time All-NBA, and 4-time NBA champion. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1977.

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P9. Which Lakers Player Was Dubbed “Black Mamba”?

  1. Johnson magic
  2. Shaquille O’Neal
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. LeBron James

Answer: c.

Explanation: Kobe Bryant was known by the nickname “Black Mamba” throughout his career. Kobe Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 20 years, winning 5 NBA championships. He is nicknamed “The Black Mamba” due to his ability to shoot quickly and accurately from almost any position on the field.

P10. Which Lakers player holds the record for most 3-pointers in a game?

  1. LeBron James
  2. Anthony Davis
  3. Russell Westbrook
  4. Kobe Bryant


Explanation: Kobe Bryant holds the record for most 3-pointers in a game for the Los Angeles Lakers. He made 12 triples in a game against the Seattle SuperSonics on January 7, 2003.

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