Naruto: Every Major Clan Ranked, From Weakest To Strongest

In the world of Naruto, every ninja has their own special way of doing things. However, oftentimes their skillset heavily relies on their clan. Though no two ninjas are exactly the same, most all shinobi clans have certain skills, abilities, and preferences. For example, the Uchiha clan is the only one with the Sharingan, but their love for fire and lightning abilities is hardly exclusive.

While all clans have some sort of talent, few rise above the others and become revered. Throughout Naruto, various clans feud over different topics like land, power, and simple hatred. Specific groups, such as the Uzumaki and Senju, earn respect through generations of powerful ninja continuing on their bloodlines. There can only be one best clan, though.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on November 10, 2021: There are a large number of clans in Naruto, and some of them really don’t get their due. The Akimichi and Yamanaka clans, for example, are major players in world conflicts, but their contributions aren’t as flashy as others, so they don’t get noticed. Of course, there are also some clans with dwindling numbers, like the Uzumakis and the Uchihas, who have historically been very powerful but by the end of the series only have a handful of members. It’s fascinating to see just how powerful the smaller clans can be.


One of the most unique clan abilities comes from the Iburi. This family can turn into smoke at a moment’s notice. However, there is a serious flaw: they don’t have complete control over this ability. Worse, if they randomly turn into smoke and the wind separates their body too much, they will lose their life. Going outside in any way is a serious danger for them.

Even though their power is distinct and they are a definitive clan, the conditions of their abilities make them a danger to themselves. These poor people struggle to live a normal life. In one of Orochimaru’s more helpful moments, applying curse marks to each member lets them regulate their power. However, they still rely on this to stay safe.


Rock Lee beckons a challenger for a fight in Naruto

Throughout Naruto, the shinobi make it very clear that it’s nigh impossible to become an effective ninja without ninjutsu. Considering the Lee clan has none, it easily makes them one of the weakest families in Konoha. However, Rock Lee wasn’t deterred and became one of the strongest fighters in Naruto. With only taijutsu at his disposal, he wanted to become a shinobi at any cost. After all, he risked his life in surgery to continue his training.

With Rock Lee, the Lee clan’s power changed drastically. Between him and his son, there is honor and strength in their blood. However, before them, their family hardly measured up. Furthermore, no matter their achievements, they still can’t perform ninjutsu.


The Kagetsu patriach looks down from underneath a wooden ceiling in Naruto

Once upon a time, the Kagetsu clan was a family of simple, happy herb farmers. However, they eventually became a wealthy, serious people. Money changed them quite a bit, souring all their moods and making their family dynamic tragically different. The patriarch of the family was so desperate to make his clan happier that he willingly faked his own end. He hoped it would put a smile on his grandchildren’s face. The fake loss brought the family back together, making them all the stronger.

While they aren’t a ninja clan, their copious wealth still makes them a powerful and influential group in the world.


Members of the Wagarashi clan try to appear intimidating in Naruto

For many years, the Wagarashi and Wasabi clans have been battling for control over the Land of Tea. While the Wasabi clan tries to keep things above board, the Wagarashi are willing to do anything to claim what’s rightfully theirs. Naruto and friends are put in serious danger because of their deals with Amegakure, an infamously merciless mercenary village.

This clan definitely has a lot of power and money, but so many sneaky dealings and under-handed plots have tainted them. Over time, they’ve become the bad guys in a turf war — a turf war that they have lost and may never win again.

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The Wasabi patriarch has a stern stare in Naruto

In the Land of Tea, no shinobi village exists to bring order. Instead, the main village is run by two warring families, the Wasabi and Wagarashi clans. While neither is above paying for outside help, the Wasabi pay for protection while the Wagarashi pay for assassins. They both do more than just fair and equal combat, but the Wasabi are more honorable about it all.

For their people’s benefit, the clans decided to battle for power in a race rather than cause undue bloodshed. Taking in orphans and wanting the best for their people, the Wasabi clan is wealthy in money and leadership skills. The Land of Tea is at its best under their rule.


Kisame holding his sword in Naruto

Every member of the Hoshigaki family, in some way, has gills and shark-like features. Their most infamous member, Kisame, joined the Akatsuki and caused havoc across several lands. Not only did he have gills but sharp teeth and fish skin. If fans didn’t know better, he’d easily pass for a bizarre Orochimaru experiment.

These people, some of Kirigakure’s more violent members, love battle and competition. Even generations later, when Kirigakure is more peaceful, Shizuma Hoshigaki tries to cause more combat and trouble in the now-peaceful village.


A member of the Fuma clan wears one of their giant shuriken on his back in Naruto

Across all of the Land of Fire, the Fuma clan is a revered and masterful group of ninja. Other shinobi know this clan for their warrior nature and their signature, giant Fuma Shuriken that they wear on their backs. Though initially, this giant shuriken used to be unique to the Fuma, it has spread across the nation.

As shuriken-lovers, the Fuma are master projectile users and blades-men. They know how to use their tools in battle better than most anyone else. Considering a Fuma member contended against Jiraiya in a fight and was good enough to become a Path of Pain, they aren’t a family to trifle with. The Fuma clan is aggressive and powerful.


Hotaru Tsuchigumo has the clan symbol embedded in her back as she stands in the middle of the symbol for the jutsu in Naruto

Running their own village, the Tsuchigumo clan prides themselves in self-sufficiency. By the Third Shinobi War, though, they tired of getting caught in the crossfires. Their leader devised a technique to destroy entire villages, giving them the proper firepower to protect themselves. However, he promised to forbid the jutsu if Konoha protected them under any circumstance. The Third Hokage (understandably) agreed.

Unfortunately, the Tsuchigumo technique eventually put the village in danger. A gang planned on using the ninja embedded with the ability, Hotaru, to destroy her own village. While they didn’t succeed, Hotaru chose to let the technique end with her. The Tsuchigumo clan, innovative and strong, needed to find another way to protect themselves.


Akamaru licks Kiba's face in Naruto

As one of the more unique ninja clans, the Inuzuka are proficient warriors because of their bonded relationships with their dogs. Not only do they become strong ninja, but they raise impressive and intimidating Ninken. When an Inuzuka member comes of age, they are given their own dog(s) to raise. This becomes their constant companion as they learn ninja skills and combo moves to become the best shinobi team they can be.

While Kiba is the Inuzuka fans know best, his mother and sister are also powerful and respected shinobi. They helped resolve the Fourth shinobi war alongside all other Konoha ninja. For their own strengths and their practical dog-breeding abilities, they are an important clan in their village.


Yagura Karatachi stands in shadow in Naruto with a mysterious figure

When under the wrong circumstances, power and jinchuriki influence can make a monster out of anyone. During Kirigakure’s worst times, when children were forced to battle in bloody combat, Yagura Karatachi rose to power. Not only was he incredibly strong but also ruthless. With the Three-Tailed Beast in him, any opposing him rarely stood a chance. Though the Akatsuki ended his life, the ramifications of his actions rippled through the village for years.

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His grandson, Kagura, is young, but shinobi already know him as a genius ninja. He’s proficient in direct combat, swordsmanship, and outwitting opponents. However, he does all he can to have a very different reputation than his grandfather. Despite their disturbing darkness, the Karatachi are an undoubtedly powerful people.


Yakumo Kurama's alternate personality manifests as a demonic entity in her art in Naruto

Not all clans’ power levels are good. The Kurama clan is an otherwise unremarkable group, save the ninja born every few generations that is more powerful than the rest of the clan combined. This gift (or curse) gives the ninja in question the ability to warp their world into complex illusions. They can even end a person’s life with illusions. Unfortunately, the drawback is that they will have little control over this ability, which can make emotional outbursts extremely dangerous. Even their mind acknowledges the power, oftentimes creating a secondary personality to regulate the ninja’s powers.

When Yakumo Kurama’s alter personality became malicious, she fatally wounded her parents and harmed several shinobi. No ninja should ever underestimate the most powerful Kurama clan members.


Kakashi Hatake sits on a ledge in Naruto

Any clan that has the mysterious and impressive Kakashi Hatake in it, of course, is powerful. However, Kakashi and his father were the only known ninja family members. Otherwise, the Hatake clan didn’t take part in shinobi ways, at least not enough for others to notice them.

Of course, Sakumo and his son changed that. They became two of the most famed ninja in shinobi history. Kakashi even became Hokage, much to his chagrin. Though the father-son duo were outliers, their power alone raises the Hatake clan’s strength status far higher than it should be. No one can call Konoha’s White Fang or Kakashi of Sharingan weak.


Ino holds her hands out in front of her to use her mental jutsu in Naruto Shippuden

Of all the Ino-Shika-Cho members, the Yamanaka clan is arguably the weakest. Not because they aren’t powerful, but because their abilities work best with a team and are harder to use without comrades around. After all, the user’s body is safer if their friends protect it while they possess an enemy ninja’s mind.

However, with a team, the Yamanaka powers can become an ace in the hole against unsuspecting foes. With such rich family history as protective shinobi, the Yamanaka clan is always prepared to do what their village asks. Ino Yamanaka even helps found hospitals all over the country after the Fourth Shinobi World War — and assists in interrogating Konoha’s enemies. Also, they have a flower shop. Who wouldn’t admire a clan with diversified assets?


Sakura Haruno hugs her parents in Naruto

While the Haruno family isn’t exactly a big clan, the members of its family are too important not to mention. Both Kizashi and his daughter Sakura are powerful ninja that make great contributions to Konoha. In another life, Kizashi could have become Hokage. Meanwhile, Sakura became one of the strongest medical-nin to ever exist, between her own chakra prowess and her teachings from Tsunade.

Furthermore, though her daughter classifies as an Uchiha, Sakura did raise an immensely powerful and intelligent ninja. Sarada doesn’t just impress because of her Uchiha blood, but also because of her Haruno discipline and intelligence. Though the group doesn’t have many members, the Haruno line created enough of an impact to earn rank as one of the powerful clans in Naruto.


Choji Akimichi and other Akimichi clan members stand together in Naruto Shippuden

In the early days of Naruto, there were a lot of fat-shaming jokes around Choji. However, when part of the Konoha 11 goes to retrieve Sasuke from the Sound 4, he shown that there’s a lot more to him than a penchant for eating. Even better, his love for food is actually important to his strength. The Akimichi clan relies on calories to power their ninja abilities.

Choji, his father, and his daughter Chocho (along with all their ancestors) use their caloric intake as fuel to give them impressive body-changing powers. Between contributing to the Shika-Ino-Cho triad and packing quite a punch, they are an impressive clan that deserves recognition.

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Killer B stands with his arms crossed in Naruto: Shippuden

The people of Kumogakure can be odd at times (see Killer B, the rapping ninja,) but they are powerful and intense. Not only do they harness lightning, but they also house the violent Eight-Tailed Beast. Their customs are a bit bizarre, giving their children names like A and B, but they are strong protectors. After all, they dedicate themselves to leading and guarding all the people in their land.

Fans may never fully understand this unique clan, but they cannot deny their powers. Killer B is one of a very few people who can face off against Naruto. They raise their children resilient and fearless, in battle or while performing.


Shino Aburame controlling his bugs in Naruto Shippuden

Though the Aburame clan may make some people a little squeamish, no one can deny their power. With a symbiotic relationship to bugs, they can control mass swarms with a flick of their wrists. For an onlooker, that can be pretty overwhelming. During his time as a genin, Shino impressed others with his innate abilities and intelligence.

Having bug powers makes being a teacher even easier, too. Shino hardly struggles with keeping an eye on them. Throughout Naruto, fans don’t get to learn nearly enough about the Aburame clan. However, from what they do know, they are intelligent ninja that pack quite a punch.


Shikamaru and Temari have a meal with their son Shikadai in Boruto

There are many well-revered clans in Konoha, and few are known for their missions skills as the Nara clan. Not only are they proficient in shadow manipulation, but they are also strategic geniuses. Even at their laziest, they are always several steps ahead. Furthermore, they are a part of the famed Ino-Shika-Cho trio, a team that traverses several generations. Shikadai leads his, as did his father Shikamaru, and his father Shikaku.

Konoha wouldn’t be the same without their clan abilities. Tactical experts aren’t easy to come by in a world full of hotheads; the Nara clan members are natural leaders who make the ninja around them all the better.


Gaara is ready in a fighting stance while Kankuro and Temari hold umbrellas in a promotional image for Naruto

While the Kazekage family could use a lesson or two on parenting, they do raise intimidating and powerful ninja. Gaara horrified any ninja that met him. His sand powers, boosted by his jinchuriki status, were unlike anything many people knew. However, his siblings were no slouches. Temari could destroy dozens with her fan maneuvers and Kankuro deceptively tricked others with his clever puppets.

Despite the family’s instabilities, it’s clear they have inherent strength. Any child from this clan is destined to find their own, unique powers. If only they didn’t have such aggressive tendencies — and, of course, that flair for deception. Though they’ve improved greatly, they still have a long way to go.


Konohamaru Sarutobi In Boruto Anime

Until the Third Hokage, the role of village leader fell to members of the Senju clan. When both men lost their lives, though, their friend Hiruzen took over the job. Powerful in his own right, the young Sarutobi became an honored and beloved leader. Not only was he proficient in working with Earth Releases, but also working in tandem with his summoned ape friend, Enma.

From Hiruzen came a line of ninja dedicated to Konoha. They didn’t have the flashiest powers, but they were efficient and intelligent. As a mere child, his grandson Konohamaru was already working on transformation jutsu. Between them, Asuma, and Mirai, there are few ninja clans more diligent and innately loyal to Konoha.

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