Naruto: 10 Saddest Deaths, Ranked

As one of the most popular Shonen Jump TV manga series in history, Naruto has more iconic battles than it should. Considering that most of the main actors possess incredible powers at their fingertips, no character escapes a sudden and tragic death.

Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden have a total of 720 episodes, and the deaths come even more as the characters have been built and loved by the audience over the years. When the main character is killed, it’s hard to ignore the emotional impact that comes with the loss and its significant impact on the entire plot.


As the most famous member of the Hyuga clan, Neji was the first to introduce the audience to the mystical powers of the White Eye. Neji is considered one of Konoha’s most promising young ninjas and has several rivalries with Naruto during the Chunin Exams.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Neji sacrificed himself to protect Naruto and Hinata from the Ten-Tails’ attack. While many fans are disappointed to see such an important character die in an anticlimactic fashion, defeating Madara and Obito wouldn’t have been possible without Neji’s sacrifice.

Mrs. Chiyo

Mrs. Chiyo in Naruto Shippuden

Chiyo gave fans one of the best fight scenes in Shippuden, as she teamed up with Sakura to take on the Akatsuki puppet master, Sasori, who was a fan favorite. Not only did Sakura end up in a quality fight, but the fan-favorite puppet also got the chance to be tested to the fullest extent back and forth.

However, this is not just a time when Chiyo-sama is crucial to the ninja’s war effort, as she will continue to channel her life energy into Gaara’s dying body. Even after Shukaku was ripped from his body, this selfless act saved his life. It was hard not to get emotional watching Chiyo’s death, even knowing that it would ultimately save Gaara’s life.

Three generations of Hokage

Naruto Chuichi Zhan Laughed Deadly

Hinyoshi Sarutobi (also known as the Third Hokage), whom the viewer meets the first Hokage in the series, brings stability to Konoha with his regal presence. As the teacher of generations of ninja, Hokage Sandai’s death shocked the entire Konoha and told the audience that no character is safe.

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Hiyama’s death was particularly difficult to accept as it was at the hands of his former apprentice Orochimaru. The villain wasn’t destined to become the future Hokage as Hirazan had hoped, but his final moments would be used to ensure that Orochimaru couldn’t harm anyone in the village anymore.

with earth

Obito, the villain in the Naruto anime.

As the mastermind behind the Akatsuki organization and the main antagonist for much of the series, Obito is one of those villains that is hard not to originate from. His relationship with Kakashi is directly similar to Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship, so it’s hard not to feel emotionally invested in his story.

Obito’s path to redemption was a slow one until Naruto was finally able to convince him to take a different path. After discovering that Madara had planned Lin’s death years ago, he took a final stand with his former teammates before traveling with Lin to the afterlife, marking a beautiful moment for the series.


Asma Sarutobi dies in Naruto Shippuden

Asma, son of Sun Zan, is the second member of the Sarutobi lineage that we witness a tragic death. Known as the captain of Team Ten, Asuma guided Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji into one of the most popular trio in the entire series.

During the battle with Akatsuki, Asma was killed by the immortal Hidan. While Shikamaru was forced to watch, his former captain was defeated in battle. In his final words to former Team 10 members, he sent a farewell message that will forever stay in the minds of the former team and viewers.


Sasuke and Itachi hugged each other in Naruto.

After committing a terrible crime and destroying his family’s lineage, Itachi contentedly shunned his younger brother Sasuke and died while the world still believed him to be evil. Years later, Itachi was finally killed by his older brother, finally freeing him from his past regrets.

However, this relief did not last long, as Kazuo revived Itachi and used it as a pawn in his plan to destroy Konoha. After reuniting with his younger brother, Itachi and Sasuke will work together to bring down Tobu forever. When his reincarnated body was destroyed, Itachi finally had a chance to confess his love to his brother and the two received their well-deserved farewell.

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Hatake Kakashi dies in Naruto

During Payne’s invasion of Konoha, Kakashi was one of Konoha’s main defenders. Kakashi exhausted his chakra during a duel with Penn and used the last of his chakra to save Choji’s life, but died shortly after. While fans got to see Kakashi talking to his father in the afterlife, it didn’t take long for him to be brought back to reality.

If Kakashi’s death were to be final, it would certainly have the biggest impact and would be higher on this list. Fortunately, Kakashi has been resurrected and the fan-favorite Kakashi will continue to play a key role in the series’ final confrontation with the remaining Akatsuki and their founder, Obito.

Zaibuza and Bai

Busa and Shiro died in Naruto

As the first major antagonists in the series, Zabuza and Shiro have left Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura to face their greatest threat to date. Zabuzhan is one of the seven Mist Ninja Swordsmen, skilled in weapons and ninjutsu. Meanwhile, Haku has one of the funniest kekkei genkai in the series and will push the Konoha genin to the limit.

While Zabuza was depicted as a cold, ruthless man, that image was shattered after Shiro sacrificed his life to protect his master. Zabuza is also the first villain Naruto was able to deal with through talking instead of fighting, which makes the heroic moments when Zabuza joins him to take down Kato all the more interesting. This death scene perfectly embodies the duality of the character, and the idea that no one is purely evil will drive many of Naruto’s future decisions.


Jiraiya dies in Naruto Shippuden

Throughout the series, his strange and often eccentric personality makes him a quirky but likable character. Despite his claims of immense strength, Jiraiya never took himself too seriously and ended up being the perfect mentor for Naruto on his path to becoming himself. As the first to suffer a full six-way rampage, Jirai also held out for one of the longest duels in the series.

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Despite successfully disabling three of the paths, his ignorance of the other three and their abilities eventually resulted in Jiraiya being killed by Nagato in a battle. narutoThe greatest betrayal. When he died, he considered what Naruto would do, and tried to send a message to help Konoha prepare for Payne’s arrival. Although Jiraiya believed he was a failure most of his life, he managed to complete this final mission and heartbreakingly parted ways with the much-loved character.

Minato and Kushina

Naruto Shippuden Naruto and Kushina Death

Naruto would never have existed without the ultimate sacrifice of Minato and Kushina. While Naruto Uzumak’s origins and the causes of his parents’ deaths were not discovered until much later, Minato and Kushina’s fight with the insane Obito and Kyuubi is one of the highlights of the series. In Naruto, the main characters often face death with noble deeds, and the fate of these two lovers is no exception.

However, this case is particularly bittersweet, as the Great Fourth Hokage himself was not only forced to sacrifice himself to stop the monster known as Kurama, but also had to seal its powers on the child. her newborn son. If Minato hadn’t sacrificed herself for the greater good, then Naruto and the entire Konoha would not have been able to resist Obito’s plot.

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