Nancy Valdovinos Bio, Age, Job, Husband, I Love A Mama’s Boy

Nancy Valdovinos hit a new low in TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy. Nancy along with her son Roberto Hernandez and daughter-in-law Kristy Miera made their debut in the show.

The TLC show gained notoriety for documenting and bringing forth some of the closest mother-son relationships to the point that it gets disturbing for viewers to watch, while the kid’s disgruntled partner is a third wheel in the relationship.

According to the teaser of the show, Roberto relies on his mother for pretty much everything from getting his shoelace tied to being handed food. Nancy utters in the trailer, “They tell me to cut the umbilical cord, I don’t know what that means”. As already stated, the disgruntled partner in this story is Kristy Miera. She doesn’t entertain their relationship and says that Roberto should’ve married his mother. Nancy gives a quick rebuttal that Roberto shouldn’t have married Kristy in the first place.

The trio made its debut in season 3.

Kristy, born in 1995, is 27 years old. She is currently based in Rialto, California. Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches, she was an MMA fighter out of Hesperia, California. Meanwhile, Kristy’s husband and Nancy’s son Roberto turned 28 years old on 4 July 2021. He is a boxer who fights in the Featherweight weight class. He was fighting out of Victorville, California. Roberto is ranked 274th of 933 in active the United States Pro Featherweights in the United States.

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Fans of the show are aggravated about her unacceptable behavior towards his daughter-in-law Kristy Miera. So, let’s learn more about Roberto’s mother Nancy. Learn about her age, job, husband, and the drama she brought to the show.

Delve into this Nancy Valdovinos Bio.

Nancy Valdovinos On I Love A Mama’s Boy

We know that appeal of the episodes of the show is filled in the tension between the casts of the show. And, Nancy, as a mother hasn’t found peace with the fact that her son married his girlfriend without informing her. She puts blame on Kristy that she stole her son away from her.

In the confessional, she vowed revenge against Kristy, her exact words, Kristy will “pay the price”. She shot a big one when she challenged Kristy to do her granddaughter’s paternity test. She implied that Kristy was cheating on her son.

Nancy thinks that Roberto’s first daughter is his spitting image while his second daughter had no resemblance to him. Roberto also self-questioned his daughter’s paternity but argued that his mother hit a new low in her fight against his wife Kristy.

Fans soon took to Twitter to bash Nancy. One fan shared, “I cannot believe Nancy had the audacity to tell Robert to get a DNA test it’s despicable #ILoveAMamasBoy.” Another added, “Nancy, ummmm your son does have a wife so it’s okay that his daughter looks like her lol she’s a clown #ILoveAMamasBoy”.

The third one chimed in, “Nancy is wayyyy out of line to suggest one of Robert’s daughters isn’t his…if I was Kristy then Nancy wouldn’t have access to either of my kids again after that disrespect #iloveamamasboy”.

Have these bombshells of a claim affected Roberto and Kristy’s marriage after the show? Thank god, the answer is no. They recently appeared together in April 2022. Robert posted a pic of them together on his IG. He wrote, “O for One-Of-A-Kind because this is what Love feels like when I’m with her.”

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Nancy Valdovinos Husband

Nancy Valovinos’s husband is named Luis Valdovinos Sr. Luis and Nancy shared their wedding vows in December 1993.

On their 26th anniversary in December 2019, Nancy celebrated the day with an anniversary post. She wrote, “Celebrating our anniversary 26 years strong. To my husband never forget that I love you! Sometimes it’s hard to find words to tell you how much you mean to me if I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my everything with that said I love you unconditionally!!!!”.

Born in February 1976, Luis is 46 years old in 2022. Luis was 18 when he married Nancy.

Nancy and Luis are parents to six children. They are named Ariel Galindo, Olivia Valdovinos, Jacob, Martin Pena, Luis Valdovinos Jr, and Roberto Hernandez.

Is Nancy Valdovinos On Instagram?

Yes, you can find Nancy Valdovinos on her Instagram. His IG handle is (@iamyomommanancy). Also, he is on Facebook (@nancy.alvarezvaldovinos).

Nancy Valdovinos Age

In August 2021, Nancy Valdovinos celebrated her 49th birthday. 1972 is the year and August is the month Nancy Valdovinos was born.

Nancy Valdovinos Job

According to the LinkedIn profile of Nancy Valdovinos, she is working as a Customer Service Representative at Pro Staff since July 2016. Nancy attended American Career College and secured her diploma in Medical Billing and Coding in 2017.

  • How Tall Is Nancy Valdovinos?

Nancy Valdovinos stands tall under the height of 5’3”.

  • When Is Nancy Valdovinos Birthday?

On 8 August, Nancy Valdovinos received birthday wishes from her son Roberto. He wrote on the IG post, “Happy Birthday Mother @nancyalvarezvaldovinos how old are you now 30? Thanks for all that you do and also I’d like to add thanks for giving birth to a “G” like me. It’s your day enjoy it, mom”.

  • Where Is Nancy Valdovinos From?

Nancy Valdovinos calls Los Angeles, California her hometown. Nancy’s father Ricardo passed away a while back. She has featured her beloved late father a few times on her Facebook.

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Sadly, her mother and her brother Roberto are also no more. In September 2018, she posted, “My Mom & my Lil brother Roberto always in my mind!!! and forever in my heart”.

Besides the ones who passed away, probably the only surviving family is her brother Ricardo Alvarez. Ricardo studied at Coastline College and University High School. She is currently based in Victorville, California.

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