Nakysha Osadchey Bio, Age, Job, Jewish Matchmaking

Nakysha OsaDchey is one of the candidates for the cast of the latest Netflix movies jewish matchmaking.

Premiering on May 3, 2023, the reality show follows Aleeza Ben Shalom as she guides aspiring stars in the US and Israel, like Nakysha, in their search for their life partners. In this process, the matchmaking expert and dating coach comes up against shidduchim, the centuries-old matchmaking system by which single Orthodox Jews are ushered into marriage.

In this text titled ‘Nakysha Osadchey Bio’, let us tell you especially about Nakysha’s personal journey to Jew Matchmaker and more.

from netflix jewish matchmaking: Are Nakysha Osadchey and Evan still together?

It was clear that Nakysha Osadchey is a strong and independent woman who is only looking for true love from the moment she first appeared on our screens with her sparkling eyes and charming smile. That’s because she tried to get out of it with herself before her, but failed because most men ended up fetishizing her for her average Kansas skin color or her Jewish faith.

The fact is, this 26-year-old grew up in a household where all major holidays were celebrated, but joining a youth organization as a teenager drastically changed her life and she is now quite pious.

Since Nakysha’s beliefs have really evolved over time, one of his first requirements for a soul mate was that he too be a practicing Jew, though not an Orthodox Jew. In the series, he stated that “the ideal would be to celebrate Shabbat with his partner.” “I like to go to Shabbat dinner every Friday, [yet] I don’t go to prayer because I don’t read Hebrew.” He also needs to be kind, gentle, loving, child-focused, and calm with her having a gun because he wants to create a safe, stable, and healthy family atmosphere.

In addition to them, Nakysha wanted a companion who was not from Kansas, who was physically fit and who would never object to her riding a motorcycle, the latter being an important feature for her. In fact, she’s adamant about it because she’s decided that she won’t stand for it after allowing some men to treat her badly; it’s also why she finally started dating her group. Actor and model Ryan Mitchell was the first Jew she dated, but they parted ways amicably before they started because he wasn’t feeling a shred of romance.

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At the time, Aleeza set Nakysh up with 37-year-old wedding DJ Evan Carmusino, who lives in North Carolina, because she felt their jovial nature would be an ideal match for her. And she was right; almost immediately after first meeting on her first date at the Original Selfie Museum in Miami, Florida, where they really got to know each other, the two hit it off like two peas in a pod. In fact, they managed to talk it all out in a matter of hours to end their date on a cautiously optimistic note, whether it was about their tattoos, favorite chores, hopes for the future, or family ambitions.

“[Evan] brought me flowers! I’ve never had a guy do that on a date, and…I love it,” Nakysha expressed honestly after their time together before adding, “Oh, I’m really giddy. This date was great and I feel like Aleeza pulled it off. It’s honestly everything I feel like I’ve been looking for. We seem to fit together perfectly, like a puzzle. And she has hair, so I’m very excited. In the future I hope we can flourish. I’m excited to see what happens, but I really think we’re going to be a great match.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Nakysha and Evan could turn their dating into a committed relationship even though they seemed absolutely attracted to each other from the start. As of this writing, neither the North Carolina wedding shop DJ/manager nor the Kansas digital creator have really admitted or denied it, but the fact that they don’t even follow each other on Instagram seems like a strong sign.

Nakysha Osadchey on Jewish matchmaking

Nakysha, self-proclaimed “bag of Skittles, culturally”, was looking for a lover for the couple jewish matchmaking. She is a Jewish woman of color who lives in the center of the country and describes herself as much more religious than her parents.

Nakysha also appears on the show as a reformed Black Jew, who is desperate to escape her hometown because she has had no luck finding a partner there who understands her multicultural background. Nakysha also told the cameras of the show that her dream boyfriend must accept her hobby of riding a motorcycle and her wish to pass on her passion to her future children.

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By all accounts, Aleeza, who was also raised Jewish, brought her client some matches as Evan.

As seen on the show, Evan wasn’t as religious as Nakysha, who shared his plans to keep Shabbat one weekend a month and his habit of not eating pork. But despite this, he and Nakysha were considered one of Aleeza’s successful couples on the show. So, of course, viewers also expected them to stay together in real life. However, at the time of writing this article, it was not possible to say if this actually happened.

Nakysha Osadchei Age

Nakysha R Osadchey was born in 1996. So, in 2023, she turned 27 years old.

Nakysha Osadchey’s family

Nakysha’s mother is Julie A Osadchey. She turned 63 in November 2022. Also, at that time she called Overland Park, Kansas, home to herself. The matriarch briefly mentioned on her LinkedIn that she is self-employed with style. While she was on her Facebook, she marked her relationship status as ‘single’.

Nakysha’s father, John D. Mays of St. Paul, is gone. He died at the age of 42 in February 2010.

Here are some things we know about the members of the extended Nakysha family.

His maternal grandfather, Walter L. Osadchey of Palm Harbor, Florida, passed away on March 7, 2019, nine days shy of his 90th birthday. His parents, Max Osadchey and Rae Baker, preceded him in death.

Walter is also survived by a son, Michael Osadchey, and his wife Joni, of New Port Richey, Florida, and a daughter, Sherry Osadchey of Avon, Connecticut, as well as Nakysha’s mother.

How tall is Nakysha Osadchey?

Nakysha Osadchey is under 5’6 inches.

We can see on her social networks that she is very much in love with her “Love Thy Skin” tattoo. And she also, looking to 2023, she said that her body is starting to change with the weight loss. “Cheers to a new body that continues to change during this process!” she wrote her in an IG post at the end of December 2022.

The work of Nakysha Osadchey

they said more jewish matchmaking that Nakysha Osadchey is a digital creator by profession.

Digging deeper, we also came to the conclusion that she is also a dancer. She performed on stage at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center (in 2014). But she now she was probably teaching choreography at The City In Motion Children’s Dance Theater and Apprentice Company.

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Furthermore, on REVERBNATION’s artist profile, he also talked about creating songs since he was 12 years old. He also stated that she has continued to work on more songs and continues to do so. Almost 100 fans of hers follow her on this profile of her pop musician, and she has uploaded 38 songs so far.

It is also rumored that he attended the University of Missouri. Prior to that, she attended Overland Park Accelerated Schools for high school in the class of 2010, where she even won Student of the Year.

  • Is Nakysha Osadchey on Instagram and Facebook?

That. You can find Nakysha Osadchey on Instagram and Facebook. As of May 3, 2023, her IG @sachithemixedjew included 16 posts and 516 followers, and she also regularly shared snippets of her life on Facebook ‘Nakysha Mays-Osadchey’.

You can also follow her on TikTok @sachithemixedjew, where she blogs and shares her experience as a Jew, despite not resembling the traditional orthodox expectation. In one of her videos, she even admitted that she is the only Jewish woman of her skin color in Kansas.

  • When is Nakysha Osadchey’s birthday?

Nakysha Osadchey’s birthday is in April. On what day exactly, it was not known.

  • Where is Nakysha Osadchey from?

Nakysha Osadchey is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. She grew up there as a Reformed Jew and celebrated the big holidays while she was growing up.

When she was still in high school, she joined a Jewish youth group and that was a big turning point for her. She attended all of the pre-graduation events and her beliefs have only evolved ever since.

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