Who is Naika? Meet the voice behind the ‘Sauce’ song in the iPhone 12 commercial

The up and coming singer Naika has been trending lately as fans are hooked to her song ‘Sauce’ these days. The song was famously featured in Apple’s iPhone 12 commercial.

Apple is known for its creative marketing tactics when it comes to promoting iPhones. More often than not these iPhone commercials introduce new songs and artist’s to the fans.

Lately, Sauce, the song featured in an iPhone 12 commercial has been going viral. Although the ad was released in March 2020, many music fans have just come across the song and its singer Naika.

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Everything we know about the singer

As mentioned earlier Naika is an up and coming music artist. After her song Sauce was featured in the iPhone 12 commercial, the artist released Sauce’s official music video in April 2021. The video is set to reach 1 million views on YouTube any day now.

Naika is a Haitian and French artist who grew up in Miami, Florida. Her 2018 single Ride is another one of her hit songs. Her latest EP Lost in Paradise part 2 was released in 2021.

The Sauce singer developed an interest in music at an early age thanks to her musically inclined father. She has posted a video from her early childhood on her Instagram which shows her father singing songs to a baby Naika while playing his guitar.

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Naika grew up under the influence of the European, African and Caribbean cultures which has come to define her artistic perspective. She graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston and has toured with GRAMMY-winning artist Michael Bolton. She has also participated in NBC’s The Voice.

Despite her recent successes, the singer’s first taste of fame came in 2015 when she earned second place in the BMI John Lennon Foundation Scholarship. Some of her other hit songs are Ma Cherie, For Gerard, Burn Slow, Head in the Clouds and more.

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Naika’s song ‘Sauce’s’ Lyrics explored

Sauce has become a sensation among fans thanks to its catchy lyrics. The song has already been streamed 1.6 million times on Spotify.

The song’s chorus features the lyrics:

Who brought the sauce?I brought the sauceWho made the sauce?I made the sauceWho got the sauce?I got the sauceWhat’s in the sauce?I am the sauce

The pre-chorus features Naika singing:

I got the recipeHit a hundred degreesBetter get on your kneesDrip gon’ have you begging for my loveMy love, my loveI’ll have you begging for my love, my love (Ayy, ayy)

Full lyrics of Sauce by Naika are available here.

iPhone 12’s cooking commercial explored

The iPhone 12 ‘Cook’ commercial, sees a man dancing around in his kitchen while preparing a meal very messily. It’s unclear what he is trying to make but we see him throwing flour around, and punching eggs to break them open. He spills milk everywhere, including on his iPhone 12, which by this point has been subjected to a lot of violence already. Apple puts forth the point of the iPhone 12’s durability through the ad.

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