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p-valleyJ. Alphonse Nicholson as As Lil Murd, a southern rapper, managed to keep the audience on their toes, especially with his love affair with Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan). This actually became a fan-favorite watch as he was featured in the second season as well. (Season 2 p-valley Released on June 3, 2022, J. Alphonse’s character with a complicated love life has not only raised questions about his own sexuality, but has also drawn attention to his personal life, which seems pretty intact for a change. The truth is that he is married to a beautiful woman named Nafeesha Nicholson and they really have a lot going on in life together. In the rest of this text entitled ‘Nafeesha Nicholson Bio’, we tell you everything.

Meet J Alphonse Nicholson’s wife, Nafeesha Nicholson

J. Alphonse married Nafeesh Nicholson sometime in 2021 (probably after June). That year, in January, he still called her her fiancée.

Furthermore, the two are rumored to have met in 2015 while J was as busy as ever in his career.

So, you know, after dropping out of college in 2013, J started taking acting seriously. Until 2015, she appeared in similar movies. Blue blood, Shotsand a biopic about Madame CJ Walker Self made. After that, she continued to audition throughout the 2010s until she landed a very lucrative role. p-valley in 2019

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While he worked hard through all of this himself, he often thanked his wife for supporting him on his journey. “I think every black man needs a strong black woman,” he once wrote about her on Instagram before calling her a strong, beautiful and intelligent black woman.

J doesn’t seem to think twice about speaking publicly about his wife and married life. However, he is not as open when it comes to his role as his father. However, everyone knows that he and Nafeesha have a child together. His name is Bryce Nicholson and he was born on April 1, 2011.

J often talked about his wife’s role as a mother.

It turns out that Nafeesha is a single mother to another daughter from a previous relationship. So, Nafeesha is talking about her on her social media. And from the looks of these sneak peeks the matriarch has been posting online, it looks like her daughter is just entering her early teens for 2022.

As for her daughter’s father, he was married with children since 2021. However, he and Nafeesha seemed fine even allowing their daughters to meet and bond well as half-sisters.

Nafeesha Nicholson Age

Nafeesha Nicholson celebrates her birthday sometimes on the 30th and sometimes on the 31st of January. And since she appears to have been born after 1980, she should have been just over 42 by 2022.

As for her husband, he turned 32 on July 8, 2022.

What is Nafeesha Nicholson’s maiden name?

Nafeesha’s last name is reportedly Kausar. So maybe she went around as Nafeesha Kausar before she changed it to her husband’s last name. However, it is not that simple. She once tweeted that her name was a nickname her father gave her mother when they started dating her. Even today, she said her dad’s family calls her that name, so when they say it, Nafeesha and her mom respond.

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Nafeesha Nicholson Family

Nafeesha often reveals details of her personal life when she tweets. In doing so, she discovered that his father had been absent for most of his childhood. Her father, she says, is “horrible” and has battled drug addiction (but mostly succumbed to it) for more than 50 years. One of the few good memories she has with him is when she took them to the Juneteenth festival in Berkeley (regularly). Now that she’s grown up, she Nafeesha goes there alone and hopes to meet him.

As for her mother, luckily Nafeesha got one who raised her to the best of her ability.

Her mother, Nafeesha says, is the only authoritarian person she has feared. She believes that any boss, superior, president or anyone else is just a position, so she never allows anyone to bully her.

Nafeesha Nicholson’s business

Details surrounding Nafeesha Nicholson’s work and career were not understood at the time of this writing; except for a few things.

She and her husband filmed their first commercial together for Goal in October last year (2021). Another thing we know about Nafeesha is that she took a course on African-American politics at Laney College in Oakland in 1999.

Is Nafeesha Nicholson on Instagram?

Nafeesha Nicholson can be found on Instagram at @heyfeesha. However, the account (with 765 posts and 260 followers) remained private as of August 10, 2022.

Nafeesha also appears to use Twitter @heyfeesha and was in the Clubhouse @HEYFEESHA. The Twitter bio of her hilariously read: “4. Twitter account 🥴, but this time I’m engaged.”

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  • Where is Nafeesha Nicholson from?

Nafeesha was born and raised in North Oakland, a neighborhood in Oakland, California that she proudly believes is the indigenous land of the Ohlone people. As for her husband, he is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Also, in a tweet, Nafeesha once wrote that the southern states feel like home because she’s only a generation away from them. Like her parents, they were among the first of their families to be born in California. Her mother’s parents are from Texas and her father’s parents are from Oklahoma and Virginia.

  • How tall is Nafeesha Nicholson?

Nafeesha Nicholson is approximately 5’7 inches tall.

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