Mythical creatures you never thought existed in reality

Animals can certainly be mere inventions of our creative minds and thinking – in other words, so beautiful or extraordinary that they can take over the pages of children’s fantasy books and stories.

It is such a delicate animal that it has created many legends and stories for a long time.

Here are creatures that are so eye-catching that you won’t believe they actually exist.

We can’t decide if it’s the cutest or ugliest thing we’ve ever seen, but one thing’s for sure: this chubby ocean dweller is definitely remarkable.

Manatees live on the actual bottoms of a relatively abundant amount of the world’s seas and rest securely in the palm of your hand — this would make a great pet (like a miniature water pig) if They are not found by chance.

Komodo mythical snakes have been around for a long time in the real world, so don’t think you can knock one down in battle.

They will also eat pretty much anything and everything: pigs, deer, bison, humble winged snakes and, yes, us humans.

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