Who is Murad Merali? Controversial YouTuber’s age, net worth and famous friends

Murad Merali has caused a stir on social media in the last 24 hours after multiple videos were leaked exposing his past and his content on popular sex worker site OnlyFans.

Murad has since released a public apology on his YouTube channel, with a trigger warning stating the content he is about to cover is extremely emotional and heavy.

But who is Murad Merali and why is he facing backlash on social media?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Murad Merali?

Murad Merali is 26-year-old podcast host and YouTuber who is known for producing consistent and opinionated pieces on Love Island.

His YouTube channel has nearly 300,000 subscribers and his videos include “Explosive Love Island Interview with Summer and Deji” and “Love Island: Ekin Su’s old friend leaks voice notes on Millie, Liam and Liberty”.

His Instagram about section states that he is also a property investor with a degree in Clinical Psych & Cognitive Neuroscience.

The YouTuber, who is from London, has a range of famous friends including Love Island stars Amber Gill, Yewande Biala, Nas Majeed and Kaz Kamwi.

What is Murad Merali’s net worth?

According to statsmash.com, the YouTuber has a net worth of $664,000 (£547,889) thanks to his social media following, brand deals and podcast.

Why has Murad Merali faced backlash?

The YouTuber has faced controversy online after videos resurfaced that appear to show him engaging in foot fetish centred content and “raceplay”.

“Raceplay” is a fetish focused on two people consenting to use racial slurs and derogatory comments during sex activity.

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Fans of the podcaster have expressed their views on the videos in a range of tweets on Twitter.

One user said: “Why am i seeing Murad Merali abusing people with his feet, racially degrading them and forcing them to drink his p***???”

Another Twitter user expressed their concern over the videos, stating: “This world is scary. You never really know what people are capable of behind closed doors and what they truly are like. Truly shocked at how Murad Merali can openly lives a life where he defends POC and behind closed doors degrades them. I’m scared of people.”

Since the videos resurfaced, Murad has taken to his YouTube channel to address the situation.

In the video, titled ‘Addressing My Past’, he said: “I don’t know how I’m going to begin this video but everything needs to be addressed with immediate effect.

“First and foremost the written content is not me, the severely derogatory comments are not written by me and I will stand by that – this is not who I am.

“Some of this content is also not me and I can profusely apologise, I take full accountability for how this has come across and how everybody has felt from this content.

“Some of this content is me, not now, not recently, in the last five to six years, not any moment now.”

The YouTuber added that the screenshots of the videos and the captions were not written by him.

He said: “These screenshots associated with these pictures, this vile racist verbiage that has been used is not written by me. This is not done by me in any capacity and this needs to be made abundantly clear with full force immediately.

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“People make their own captions, they mix it with their own pictures for their own satisfaction, their own desires, with their own fantasies, their own ideations – whatever they have. They then put it together for their own mental satisfaction for whatever desire that they have as a person.”

Murad then went on to talk about his past as he says that in order for his audience to understand him, he must address previous situations.

He said that when he was 14 years old, he was “severely raped”

He added that when he was the same age, he would have feet put into his mouth and he can never get the image out of his head.

“I developed these fetishes, this foot fetish, I developed it through what happened to me. I needed to make money, that was my only goal to make money,” he went on.

“It was all about money, money, money, money because money is what I needed to get out of a place that I was being brutally f***ing raped in.

“This is the truth. This is who I am. This is who Murad Merali is and I’m saying it to you now, and I’m going to be transparent about every f**ing little thing because this is who I am.”

The YouTuber ended his video by saying: “I appreciate everybody who’s watched this very serious video because the content is very heavy. Just to reiterate the very racist captions were not written by me. I did not sit there and do that at all.”

The full video is available on Merali’s YouTube channel.

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